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All Belgians to get iodine pills in case of nuclear accident Belgium is to provide iodine pills to its entire population to protect it against radioactivity in case of a nuclear accident.
28 апреля 2016
©Reuters/Tyrone Siu 'Suicide tourism' to Switzerland doubled: study A total of 172 "suicide tourists" travelled to Switzerland in 2012, to die with medical assistance -- a practice prohibited in many countries.
21 августа 2014
Photo courtesy of Paracetamol no better than placebo in low-back pain: study Paracetamol, the first-choice lower-back pain killer, worked no better than dummy drugs administered in a trial of more than 1,600 people suffering from the condition, researchers said
25 июля 2014
©Reuters/Chaiwat Subprasom Dubai police in record $31 mn drugs haul Dubai police have made a record drug seizure of some 4.6 million Captagon pills, an amphetamine-like stimulant, worth more than $31 million (23 million euros), the local press reported Monday.
23 декабря 2013
©Reuters/Heinz-Peter Bader Mice research brings male contraceptive pill closer A contraceptive pill for men has moved one step closer after Australian researchers successfully made male mice infertile.
03 декабря 2013
©Reuters/Baz Ratner US seeks tighter controls on certain painkillers The US Food and Drug Administration recommended tighter controls Thursday on how doctors prescribe the most commonly used narcotic painkillers, in a bid to stop abuse.
25 октября 2013
©REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado Lithium greatly reduces suicide risk: study The mood-stabilising drug lithium reduces suicide risk by more than 60 percent among people with depression.
29 июня 2013
Photo courtesy of HIV regimen prevents infection among drug users Giving injecting drug users a daily pill against HIV nearly halved their risk of infection by the AIDS virus.
13 июня 2013
High doses of common pain drugs can cause heart attack: study High doses of some commonly used pain drugs like ibuprofen can increase heart attacks, strokes and related deaths by about a third.
31 мая 2013
©REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel Experts favor US approval of Merck sleeping pill An independent panel of experts on Wednesday recommended US approval of a new Merck sleeping pill called suvorexant, but expressed concerns over the highest dosage and risks of drowsy daytime driving.
23 мая 2013
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