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05.04.2016 14:26 Health
Experimental drug that greatly increases levels of "good" cholesterol has no effect on heart health, a comprehensive clinical trial found.
06.03.2015 18:09 Health
Minister of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duisenova said that doctors in Kazakhstan would not be allowed to fill out papers while treating patients.
24.02.2015 21:00 Health
Vaccination against measles in Kazakhstan went terribly wrong when dozens of teenagers were hospitalized in fever and unconscious to local hospitals.
11.08.2014 01:05 Strange News
Khadisha Sapakova, a psychologist from a district hospital in Taskal village in western Kazakhstan, has put a teen up to bring a bomb dummy to her hospital.
07.08.2014 11:59 Health
A newly discovered gene mutation raises a woman's risk of breast cancer and may be considered the third such inherited gene
06.08.2014 13:22 Health
Daily, long-term doses of aspirin can slash the risk of cancer of the digestive tract.
20.03.2014 15:32 Health
While the team or doctors and scientist is working in Kalachi village to determine what is causing the mysterious sleep syndrome, one more patient has fallen asleep.
17.03.2014 11:53 Health
The team of Kazakhstani scientists working in Kalachi village on the mysterious sleep syndrome has published their preliminary statement.
03.02.2014 15:56 Crime
A South Kazakhstani woman who sold her 4 children is pregnant again.
09.02.2013 11:15 Unrest
Gunmen killed at least 10 people in horrifying attacks on two Nigerian polio clinics on Friday that dealt a new blow to the campaign to wipe out the disease.
04.02.2013 17:39 Cinema, Music
The Bolshoi Ballet's artistic director Sergei Filin left a Moscow hospital on Monday morning to move to a German clinic for further treatment after he suffered serious eye damage in an acid attack.
19.10.2012 13:09 Health
Bariatric surgery to help the obese shed weight also reduces risks of cardiovascular disease, according to a review published on Wednesday in the specialist journal Heart.
11.04.2012 15:08 Health
All 5 clinics of Astana National Medical Holding will be accredited in 2-3 years.
05.08.2011 12:40 Religion
The key difference of the Orthodox women clinics from regular once is impossibility to schedule an abortion unless the pregnancy poses a threat to the mother’s life.