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Psychologist sends teen to plant bomb dummy in Kazakhstan hospital 11 августа 2014, 01:05

Khadisha Sapakova, a psychologist from a district hospital in Taskal village in western Kazakhstan, has put a teen up to bring a bomb dummy to her hospital.
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Photo courtesy of mgorod.kz Photo courtesy of mgorod.kz

Khadisha Sapakova, a psychologist from a district hospital in Taskal village in western Kazakhstan, has put a teen up to bring a bomb dummy to her hospital, Tengrinews reports citing Moi Gorod.

Dr. Sapakova insists that she was instructed by her the Director of the hospital Gulsairan Kenzheshova to do so.

The incident took place on July 24 at 11:00 am. Medical personnel of the hospital found a black box near the reception and immediately informed the administration. The chief physician called for the police. Arlan special forces identified the object as a dummy bomb. After watching the CCTV camera records they found that the box had been brought in to the hospital by a teenager. When they started searching for the teen started, Dr. Sapakova confessed.

According to Dr. Sapakova, she was instructed by the director of the hospital to plant a fake bomb after a seminar on emergency situations in Uralsk, a city in Western Kazakhstan Oblast, that she attended back in July. “On Monday, July 21 the director asked me to come to her office. I came to her office and gave my report. She told me to conduct a training and plant the dummies in two places. After that I was supposed to write a report. On August 4 I was going on vacation as I had been working at the hospital for one year already. But I was told that I would not have my vacation until I conduct the training,” the psychologist said.

After receiving the instructions from the hospital administration, she asked for help from her colleagues and the local Emergency Services. Allegedly, she was denied any help. Then, Dr. Sapakova asked a teen she knew to drop a bomb dummy near the reception at the hospital.

“I warned the head nurse to inform the hospital's personnel to report immediately if they found a suspicious looking package,” the psychologists said.

However, the director of the hospital denied everything after the national security officials arrived to the incident site.

“I did not give any such instructions. She did not warn me. I followed the standard instructions and called 102 when I was informed about the suspicious looking box. At around 4 pm, when the law enforcement started watching the videos from the CCTV cameras, the psychologist admitted that she arranged the bomb dummy,” Kenzhesheva said.

The head of the hospital is not going to fire Dr. Sapakova, but she promised to perform an internal investigation. The local prosecutors working on the case said that due to absence of the event of a crime, no criminal case will be opened in relation to the incident.

Despite the seemingly peaceful resolution of the incident, the dutiful hospital worker intends to report the hospital administration to the Public Health Administration for giving her such instructions. Dr. Sapakova also said that she had a miscarriage on the second month of her pregnancy due to stress from the incident.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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