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11.08.2015 14:40 People
Nepal issued its first transgender passport Monday in a move which rights groups hailed as a breakthrough.
04.06.2015 10:16 Entertainment, Style
Caitlyn Jenner will follow up on her public coming-out as a transgender woman with a docu-series on E! channel next month about her transformation.
25.04.2015 12:44 Entertainment, Style
US Olympic champion turned reality TV star Bruce Jenner came out as transgender, saying: "For all intents and purposes, I'm a woman."
25.08.2014 16:55 Strange News
The recent Kazakhstani ad showing a Kazakh composer and a Russian poet kissing has generated an outpouring of discontent in Kazakhstan.
11.05.2014 10:20 Cinema, Music
Bearded Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision contest early Sunday with the song "Rise Like a Phoenix", beating expectations that the eye-catching performance would be too controversial in socially conservative countries.
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