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17.11.2016 21:23 Europe
The EU plans to create a US-style security screening system as part of efforts to fight terrorism.
28.09.2016 19:26 Science, Technologies
SpaceX chief Elon Musk unveiled on Tuesday ambitious plans to establish a Mars colony by sending 100 humans at a time on massive spacecraft.
10.03.2016 15:09 Science, Technologies
Researchers found five more columns under the sea to add up to the limestone stacks off the south coast of Australia known as the Twelve Apostles.
13.11.2015 17:54 Finance
The Russian plane crash in Egypt has forced Sharm el-Sheikh hotels to send dozens of staff on "unpaid leave" as tourist numbers dwindle, with tens of thousands of jobs at risk within months.
15.09.2015 14:37 Crime
Mexico's foreign minister was to fly to Egypt with relatives of the tourists mistakenly killed by Egyptian security forces as her government called for an urgent investigation of the "deplorable event".
26.08.2015 14:43 Environment
Tourists perch perilously on a volcano's edge as swirling smoke belches from the fiery cauldron of lava below, the latest unlikely visitors holidaying in war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo.
17.08.2015 22:06 People
First youth festival Khan Qoryk dedicated to the 550th anniversary of Kazakh Khaganate opens in Kazakhstan.
14.08.2015 18:26 Politics
The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and Almazbek Atambayev, President of Kyrgyzstan, have opened the customs border between the two countries.
10.08.2015 14:43 Industry, Infrastructure
The airport in Shardara town in South Kazakhstan oblast will resume its operation after 20 years of downtime.
06.08.2015 16:58 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan government has revised the decree that made many popular resorts a special border zone requiring special passes. Foreigners will no longer have to obtain permits to visit them.
28.07.2015 12:38 Emergencies
French officials evacuated 10,000 people from three different campsites as hot winds fanned fires in drought-hit Provence in the middle of the summer holiday season
21.07.2015 16:24 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakh Government has decreed to create wide belts near the county's border and make them off-limits for foreigners unless they acquire a special pass. Several very popular tourist destinations of Kazakhstan are within the limits of the new belts.
29.06.2015 13:07 Unrest
The British government cautioned Sunday that other attacks "are possible" in Tunisia as Queen Elizabeth II sent condolences to that relatives of victims.
27.06.2015 16:16 Crime
Most of those killed in a massacre at a Tunisian beach resort claimed by the Islamic State group were British, the Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid said.
27.05.2015 01:37 Politics
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan has announced that 42 countries are visa free for the citizens of Kazakhstan in 2015.
20.04.2015 14:33 Politics
The USA plans to offer 10-year business and tourist visas to Kazakhstanis.
17.04.2015 20:10 Entertainment, Style
UK based marketing agency Captive Minds and Inge Solheim want to organize a film festival in the mountains of Almaty.
16.04.2015 19:49 Auto
Bike taxi Veloriksha has started operating in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
03.04.2015 12:43 Politics
Hungary plans to simplify the visa regime for Kazakhstani citizens.
27.03.2015 00:19 Politics
Japan has officially confirmed participation in the upcoming EXPO-2017 in Astana.
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