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11.03.2016 14:00 Politics
British leader David Cameron got "distracted" and French President Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to promote his country during the 2011 military intervention in Libya, US President Barack Obama said.
24.12.2015 17:37 Unrest
Israeli authorities said Thursday they had opened an investigation into a video showing gun-wielding Jewish extremists at a wedding celebrating the death of a Palestinian toddler in a firebombing.
21.08.2015 15:26 Crime
Thailand's police chief insisted his officers were making "a lot of progress" in the hunt for the Bangkok shrine bomber despite the lack of arrests and mystery over the attackers' motives.
20.08.2015 14:47 Unrest
The deadly Bangkok bomb took over one month to plan and was executed by more than 10 people, as more details emerged of the suspected network behind an attack that killed 20 people.
19.08.2015 15:32 Unrest
Thai monks led prayers for the reopening of a Bangkok shrine where a blast killed 20 people, as police hunted a man shown on security footage calmly planting what is believed to be the bomb.
18.08.2015 15:16 Unrest
Hong Kong warned its residents to avoid travel to Bangkok while other governments in Asia advised citizens to be extra vigilant, after a bomb attack in the Thai capital killed at least 20 people.
14.08.2015 11:39 Crime
A truck bombing claimed by the Islamic State group killed at least 54 people in a Shiite-majority area of Baghdad, the deadliest single attack in Iraq's capital in months.
11.08.2015 11:38 Politics
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani accused Pakistan on Monday of sending "messages of war" and harbouring bomb-making camps.
11.08.2015 11:03 Politics
The EU on Monday denounced an arson attack on armoured vehicles belonging to OSCE observers monitoring a fragile ceasefire in rebel-held eastern Ukraine.
10.08.2015 16:33 Unrest
At least five people were killed when a Taliban suicide car bomber struck near the entrance of Kabul's international airport, the latest in a wave of lethal bombings in the Afghan capital.
10.08.2015 12:01 Unrest
A Taliban attack killed up to 29 people in northern Afghanistan, after a wave of lethal bombings in the capital as the insurgency escalates following a bitter power transition.
08.08.2015 13:51 Unrest
Multiple bombings rocked Kabul, killing at least 35 people and wounding hundreds more in the first major attacks in the Afghan capital.
07.08.2015 13:32 Unrest
A powerful car bomb in Kabul early Friday killed at least seven people and wounded dozens of others.
07.07.2015 12:30 Crime
Thirty years after France's deadly bomb attack on the Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand, anger still crackles in Pete Willcox's voice when he discusses the sinking of the Greenpeace flagship.
09.06.2015 16:03 Crime
Boston bomber's friend Azamat Tazhayakov sentenced to 3.5 years in prison in the US.
04.06.2015 09:55 Crime
Boston marathon bombing case sees one of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's friends, a Kazakh student, sentenced to six years imprisonment for obstruction of justice.
26.03.2015 21:31 Crime
The defense of Azamat Tazhayakov is seeking extradition for their client, who was accused of obstructing the investigation of the Boston marathon bombings case.
06.01.2015 13:44 Crime
The long-awaited trial of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev began with jury selection, 20 months after the shocking attack.
10.10.2014 17:13 Crime
Kazakhstani Azamat Tazhayakov is willing to testify against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the prime Boston marathon bombings suspect.
27.09.2014 11:25 Unrest
US aircraft were flying "near continuous" bombing raids against Islamic State militants in Syria.
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