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25.08.2016 16:00 Disasters
The death toll from a powerful earthquake in central Italy rose to 247 on Thursday amid fears many more corpses would be found.
24.08.2016 13:54 Disasters
A powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake devastated mountain villages in central Italy on Wednesday, leaving at least 18 people dead and many more unaccounted for.
25.12.2015 15:43 Emergencies
A huge explosion at an industrial gas plant in southeastern Nigeria razed nearby buildings and killed several people on Christmas Eve.
21.12.2015 13:35 Emergencies
A woman with a toddler in her car rammed into pedestrians on the packed Las Vegas Strip Sunday, killing one person and injuring 26 others.
22.09.2015 20:17 Emergencies
A large road accident involving over a dozen cars and a runaway tram has taken place in Almaty. Several people were severely injured.
30.07.2015 20:26 Disasters
Mudflow consequences are still being remedied in Almaty that was hit by a powerful mud flow on July 23.
04.05.2015 18:42 Politics
Kazakhstan will render assistance to Nepal.
01.05.2015 03:19 Emergencies
A bridge under construction collapses in Almaty, kills one and injures 20 others, bringing safety at Kazakhstan's construction sites and industries into spotlight.
17.04.2015 20:28 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has reassured Kazakhstanis that the flood emergency has been taken under control.
30.03.2015 14:30 Emergencies
4 people have been killed in a terrible road accident in eastern Kazakhstan.
26.03.2015 00:32 Disasters
A family of three from Kazakhstan was among the victims of the plane crash in the French Alps.
22.01.2015 01:09 Emergencies
The only survivor in Zhambyl Oblast plane crash has now regained consciousness. Her condition is severe but stable.
21.01.2015 02:21 Emergencies
AN-2 airplane of Kazakhmys company has crashed in southern Kazakhstan; six people killed, one - severely injured.
12.01.2015 12:26 Laws, Initiatives
A specialized relief fund for victims will be opened in Kazakhstan.
09.12.2014 23:52 Emergencies
The fire in an apartment building in Aktau in western Kazakhstan has destroyed the entire 6th floor.
01.12.2014 16:54 Emergencies
Seven people have died and another 8 were injured in a gas explosion accident near Taldykorgan in Kazakhstan's south.
21.10.2014 15:17 Crime
Monica Lewinsky said she was one of the first victims of cyber-bullying, becoming "Patient Zero" after falling in love with Bill Clinton.
26.08.2014 13:38 Politics
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Tuesday said the first remains of Australians killed in the MH17 crash will return home this week.
04.08.2014 10:31 Disasters
A total of 381 people had been killed by the tremor, with 1,801 injured. More than 12,000 houses collapsed and 30,000 were damaged in the quake zone in the southwestern province of Yunnan, China.
30.07.2014 14:34 Emergencies
A 6.3-magnitude earthquake rattled Mexico, killing an elderly woman who fell as she fled her home and injuring another woman who evacuated from a hospital.
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