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29.09.2015 10:44 Health
Fewer than a quarter of the 15 million people diagnosed with cancer worldwide this year have access to safe and proper surgery.
13.08.2015 13:02 Health
Listening to music before, after and even during surgery reduces anxiety and the need for painkillers, according to a comprehensive study published.
08.05.2015 10:44 Entertainment, Style
Sam Smith said Thursday he would undergo surgery on his vocal cords and canceled weeks of shows.
31.01.2015 01:51 Emergencies
The only survivor in the AN-2 plane crash in Zhambyl Oblast, Kazakhstan, Asem Shayakhmetova has had five surgeries from on January 27-29, 2015.
22.12.2014 14:20 Health
The visa free regime between South Korea and Kazakhstan will increase the flow of health tourists in 2015.
18.12.2014 12:19 Health
Medical tourism is a growing sector in Kazakhstan with more than 800 foreign nationals coming to the country to be treated, including from the US, Japan and Italy.
04.12.2014 13:52 People
Kazakh businessmen have raised money for a generator and sent the equipment to the Kyrgyz hospital, where doctors had to scandalously make a open heart surgery during an blackout.
04.12.2014 13:23 Health
Today there are more and more Kazakhstani men resorting to plastic surgery.
19.11.2014 23:33 People
Kazakhstani surgeons have removed a pencil from the chest of a 10 y.o. boy.
17.11.2014 21:55 People
U2 frontman Bono will be getting surgery after injuring his arm in a fall from his bicycle in New York's Central Park.
24.10.2014 15:01 Science, Technologies
Australian surgeons said they have used hearts which had stopped beating in successful transplants, in a world first they said could change the way organs are donated.
09.10.2014 18:35 Health
For the firs time, a kidney transplantation has been conducted in Kyzylorda.
17.09.2014 12:49 Science, Technologies
Breast implants developed by Kazakhstani scientists will possibly find a market in South Korea.
31.08.2014 02:29 Health
Only 20 percent of infants with heart diseases receive medical aid in Kazakhstan.
28.08.2014 16:57 Health
National Center for Neurosurgery in Astana has successfully remove a brain tumor located close to motor cortex - the first such surgery in Kazakhstan.
17.05.2014 16:51 People
A local surgeon in Kostanay Oblast village Vladimir Kukhar saved a boy’s life with an angle grinder.
31.03.2014 15:18 Religion
For 10 y.o. Damira Esskendirova a simple surgery instead of brining relief turned into a constant pain and possible permanent disability due to the doctor’s carelessness.
13.03.2014 16:46 Laws, Initiatives
Lawmakers in Rio de Janeiro, where plastic surgery is all the rage, have approved draft legislation banning cosmetic surgery for dogs and cats.
16.01.2014 11:33 Health
A liver transplantation surgery has been successfully made in Almaty’s municipal clinical hospital #7.
01.01.2014 18:40 Entertainment, Style
Countries all over the world have celebrated the New Year 2014 with spectacular fireworks and laser shows.
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