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Surgeons remove pencil from boy's chest in Kazakhstan 19 ноября 2014, 23:33

Kazakhstani surgeons have removed a pencil from the chest of a 10 y.o. boy.
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Photo courtesy of nv.kz Photo courtesy of nv.kz

Kazakhstani surgeons have removed a pencil from the chest of a 10 y.o. boy, Tengrinews reports citing 31 Channel.

The broken piece of the pencil got stuck just 2 cm short of the boy’s heart.

Denis was on his way home from school when he slipped and fell backwards on his backpack. There were pencils were scattered in the boy’s backpack. One of the pencils pierced the backpack and the boys back.

“At first I did not feel anything. When I walked half my way home, my back started aching and it became difficult to breath. I could not walk. I lay down. I had no strength to do or say anything. Luckily my friend was with me and he stopped a car,” the boy said.

The boy was brought home and his father drove Denis to a clinic. But local doctors at the village hospital could not do much to help so they sent Denis to the nearest large city - Karaganda. In the city, doctors saw a faint shadow on in the boy's x-ray. It turned out to be a piece of a broken pencil.

“Luckily no organs were not injured. The boy was saved by God’s grace. There were just a couple cm to his heart. If it was a different direction, the pencil could have pierced his lung. It is a very rare case. In fact, it is the first time at our hospital,” Dr Beibit Berdibekov said.

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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