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Kazakh businessmen send generator to Kyrgyz hospital after doctors perform open heart surgery with no electricity


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Businessmen from Kazakhstan have raised money for a Kyrgyz hospital to purchase a generator. Why would they do that?

Businessmen from Kazakhstan have raised money for a Kyrgyz hospital to purchase a generator. Why would they do that?

The story takes us to an ordinary hospital, where a patient was undergoing a heart surgery in October. All was going as planned when, unexpectedly, electricity went down. There was no backup power in the hospital, so the surgeons had to use their mobile phones and flashlights to continue operating on the open heart.

The incident was described on the Internet by the director of Southern regional scientific center on Cardiovascular Surgery, Professor Kaldarbek Abdramanov, who also posted a video of the surgery on his Facebook page.

The video was also posted on YouTube by Akim Tursunbaev.

"These are the extreme conditions in which we are operating on a "stopped" heart! I find it hard to answer what this is: a crime or an act of heroism? What could we do? Continue operating and put the life of the patient at risk? Stop the surgery?" Abramanov wrote, 24.kg reports.

According to Vecherny Bishkek the surgery started early in the morning on 10 October and lasted for six hours. The power was down for 26 minutes. Fortunately, the 23 year old patient, who was unaware of the drama unfolding around him, got better and was discharged from the hospital.

The investigation concluded that the incident was to be blamed on the management of the clinic, who failed to instal a generator that could be used as a backup power source in case of a power failure.

Young activist Adilet Satkeyev called onto the public through social networks to raise money for a new generator for the clinic. Most of the money was raised by businessmen from Kazakhstan. The equipment was sent to the Southern Regional Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery.

"Our friends from Kazakhstan organized a fundraiser to purchase a generator, so that similar events do not recur in the future. And now, I hope, no one will have to operate without light, and our doctors will be able to save more lives," Satkeyev said.

By Dinara Urazova


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