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25.03.2016 15:13 Cinema, Music
Hollywood's traditional media players are facing an unprecedented challenge to their business model as 'cord-cutters' opt to cancel their expensive cable subscriptions in favor of on-demand streaming services.
03.10.2015 16:23 Unrest
A protracted strike by hundreds of staff at London's National Gallery over the outsourcing of some services to the private sector ended.
02.09.2015 19:07 Politics
China plans investing $600 million in projects of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ), a Kazakh railway company.
10.06.2015 19:07 Companies
Kazakhstan's Air Astana is enhancing cooperation with Chinese HAECO to get world-class maintenance of its aircraft.
29.04.2015 01:35 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Investments and Development plans to continue lowering the mobile phone tariffs in Kazakhstan.
22.04.2015 20:09 Industry, Infrastructure
Astana residents and guests will be able to enjoy free Internet in the city's buses starting from July 1.
31.03.2015 15:27 Industry, Infrastructure
Rap mogul Jay Z launched the rebranded Tidal music streaming service with major star backing.
15.01.2015 23:31 Companies
Foreign experts believe Kazakhstan’s Shymbulak mountain skiing resort located in Almaty oblast should revise its pricing policy.
26.12.2014 16:48 Politics
Eurasian Union member states activating single services market in more than 40 service sectors.
18.10.2014 10:47 Internet
Twitpic put out word that the service is shutting down after all, apologizing for a "false alarm" that a merger would be its salvation.
08.08.2014 10:03 Internet
Facebook announced it was buying California-based cybersecurity startup PrivateCore, in a move to boost defenses of its vast server network.
07.08.2014 14:04 Internet
China has confirmed its decision to block popular foreign messaging services as an anti-terrorist measure.
05.08.2014 16:03 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan's biggest telecommunications operator KazakhTelecom has introduced a single dial-in number for its reverse charge call service.
11.07.2014 17:10 Emergencies
Gale warning has been issued for several regions of Kazakhstan.
30.06.2014 19:09 Politics
Kazakhstan has risen by 10 stands in the UN e-government index.
30.06.2014 10:12 Gadgets
Kazkommertsbank has launched a contactless payment system that uses mobile phones in Kazakhstan.
22.05.2014 19:28 Companies
Kazakhstani banks are starting to provide consultations over WhatsApp.
26.03.2014 20:21 Strange News
Green hot water runs from taps in Astana apartments.
22.01.2014 15:15 Science, Technologies
South Korea, already one of the most wired countries on earth, Wednesday announced a 1.6 trillion won ($1.5 billion) plan to set up a next-generation 5G wireless service quick enough to download full-length films in a second.
10.12.2013 12:09 Strange News
Venturesome teenagers of Astana arrange staged fights for a fee for other teenagers, who want to impress their girlfriends.
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