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Kazakhstan goes up in UN e-gov index 30 июня 2014, 19:09

Kazakhstan has risen by 10 stands in the UN e-government index.
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Photo ©egov.kz Photo ©egov.kz

Kazakhstan has risen by 10 stands in the UN e-Government index, Tengrinews reports citing the Communication and Information Agency.

“According to the UN e-Government index, Kazakhstan has improved its standing by 10 lines, rising from the 38th place to the 28th out of 193 countries,” the Agency reported.

The UN e-Government index aims to help state administrations build online infrastructure for improve public administration. In the rating countries are considered in terms of development of human resources, availability of communication infrastructures and the array of online services they offer.

In Kazakhstan today the level of computer literacy makes 63.2% of the total population. 67.6% of Kazakhstanis have access to the Internet. Kazakhstanis can access 570 services through the e-government portal. In 2013 the online portal rendered 38 million services, but since the beginning of 2014 it has already performed 22.8 million services. Everyday an average of 43 thousand users access the e-Government portal.

Send an application for the Bolashak scholarship; apply for kindergarten, pay taxes, fines, or utilities, change an ID, these and many other services can be accessed through the e-Government portal with a digital signature.

Soon e-Government services will become available through mobile and landline phones. By the end of the year 50 services will be available through a phone.

Kazakhstan was chosen as the host of the Global e-Government Forum (GeGF) in 2014 thanks to the country’s increasing index in e-Government services and information and communication technologies. The forum will gather specialists in e-Government, communications and technologies development form different countries. It was initiated by the UN and was fist conducted in South Korea in 2012.

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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