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London issues first offshore rupee bond An Indian bank on Monday issued the first ever offshore rupee-denominated bond in London.
01 августа 2016
Panama Papers allege offshore link with notorious British heist A Panamanian shell company may have helped hide millions of dollars from the Brink's-Mat heist leaked tax documents allege.
04 апреля 2016 China planning to build floating nuclear power plant China is planning to build a floating nuclear power station as it seeks to double its atomic capacity by 2020.
27 января 2016
Photo courtesy of Inuit village sues to block oil surveys in Canada's Arctic A small Inuit village in the Canadian Arctic sued to block offshore exploration for oil, involving noisy air-cannon surveys it says threaten marine wildlife.
29 июля 2014
© More than $140 billion offshored from Kazakhstan in 10 years More than $140 billion have been offshored from Kazakhstan over the past decade, according to international experts.
23 июня 2014
Azat Peruashev © Ak Zhol Democratic Party of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan government developing de-offshoring measures Kazakhstan's government answered an official inquiry of Ak Zhol political party by stating that a set of de-offshoring measures was being developed.
22 июня 2014
©REUTERS $138 billion offshored from Kazakhstan At a meeting of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan it was announced that according to international estimates the money offshored from Kazakhstan amounts to $138 billion.
23 мая 2014
Kazakhstan to counter siphoning of money to offshore zones The “dirty” money tends to come back to Kazakhstan in the shape of respectably looking foreign investments: Financial Police official.
20 марта 2014
Kazakhstan’s Central Bank on offshore zones accounts The country’s media reported late 2013 that the overall amount kept by Kazakhstanis in offshore zones is estimated at $138 billion.
10 февраля 2014
China's President Xi Jinping. ©Reuters/Jason Lee Chinese leaders' kin stash riches in offshore holdings: probe Relatives of top Chinese leaders including President Xi Jinping and former premier Wen Jiabao have used offshore tax havens to hide their wealth.
23 января 2014
Photo by Marat Abilov© MP suggests checking Kazakhstan officials for offshore accounts MPs representing Ak Zhol party in the Parliament suggested to check if Kazakhstan officials had accounts in offshore zones.
21 января 2014
Oil refinery near Kashagan field. ©Reuters ConocoPhillips completes sale of Kashagan share to KMG and views Kashagan as non-core asset The main reason why ConocoPhillips sold its share in the gigantic pie that everyone wants a bite from has nothing to do with the complexity of the field or the bulging expenses of the consortium to develop it.
31 октября 2013
Venezuela, Guyana to talk about dispute flare-ups Top diplomats from Venezuela and Guyana were set to meet Thursday on South America's biggest remaining territorial dispute.
17 октября 2013
Map courtesy of Air Astana explains reasons behind registration of aircrafts in Aruba Registration of Air Astana planes outside Kazakhstan has no effect on the tax payments into the state budget: Air Astana.
02 октября 2013
Photo by Mukhtar Ablyazov. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Ablyazov among disclosed offshore account owners Former chairman of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov is among the disclosed owners of offshore accounts.
08 апреля 2013
©REUTERS/Martinne Geller Mass leaks 'reveal secret world of tax havens' Millions of emails and leaked records from offshore tax havens have exposed the identities of thousands of holders of offshore accounts.
05 апреля 2013
US companies keep more money offshore: report US companies are keeping more of their profits offshore, choosing overseas tax havens amid talk in Washington about closing corporate tax loopholes.
11 марта 2013
©REUTERS/George Frey Lebanon ready to drill for offshore gas: minister Lebanon is technically ready to start drilling for offshore natural gas reserves, its energy minister said on Monday, after exploration in around half the country's exclusive economic zone was completed.
25 сентября 2012
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