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MP suggests checking Kazakhstan officials for offshore accounts 21 января 2014, 13:10

MPs representing Ak Zhol party in the Parliament suggested to check if Kazakhstan officials had accounts in offshore zones.
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Photo by Marat Abilov© Photo by Marat Abilov©
MPs representing Ak Zhol party in the Parliament suggested to check if Kazakhstan officials had accounts in offshore zones and in other places abroad, Tengrinews reports. “The party representatives suggest that the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Government and the National Bank apply to the banks and controlling authorities of offshore zones and countries like Great Britain, Switzerland and France to check on the personal accounts of our citizens, including the members of Kazakhstan government and the heads of the state companies in their banks. In case the authorities fail to provide the requested information, Ak Zhol party is ready to file similar requests to the MPs of the said countries requesting them to hold a parliamentary investigation into this matter,” Ak Zhol’s leader Azat Peruashev said. He stressed that many Western countries made foreign banks, including Swiss ones, disclose the information on the owners of bank accounts for tax purposes. “In case of Kazakhstan, we may be talking about additional incomes worth millions for the country’s budget. They can be used to solution of the existing problems and ease up the tax burden on the middle class. This will be fair not only economically, but also socially,” the deputy stressed. According to Peruashev, the funds siphoned off from Kazakhstan to offshore zones are estimated by international experts at $138 billion. “All that affects the Kazakhstan people and increases social inequality in the country,” the deputy said. “The society wonders why our law-enforcement authorities start persecuting corrupt officials and frauds only after they flee from Kazakhstan. That was the case with Imanbayev, Ablyazov, Khrapunov and many others. We believe that the time has come not to only to chase the corrupt officials, but also to monitor that the funds transferred out of Kazakhstan are cleared from taxes. We admit that not only corruption money can be transferred abroad, but also the ones earned honestly and in compliance with all the rules. But in this case taxes have to be paid on this money, at least the 10-percent individual income tax,” the deputy said. By Altynai Zhumzhumina

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