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The preparation of Kazakhstan telecommunications satellite KazSat-3 at the testing and assembling division of Baikonur cosmodrome. ©RIA Novosti KazSat-3 satellite being readied for Baikonur Kazakhstan experts are accepting the telecommunications satellite KazSat-3 from Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems of Russia these days.
20 марта 2014
Photo courtesy of KazSat-3 to be launched by April 30, 2014 KazSat-2 satellite has been using 63% of its capacities. Satellite-assisted services rendered to 11 mobile carriers in Kazakhstan are totally worth $12.9 million.
06 февраля 2014
Photo courtesy of KazSat-2 satellite will be 70% loaded by end of 2013: KazKosmos KazSat-2 is functioning normally, it is currently 64% loaded and we plan to achieve a 70% load of the satellite by the end of the year: Talgat Mussabayev.
17 мая 2013
Photo courtesy of KazKosmos builds reserve KazSat-2 control complex Kazakhstan National Space Agency is building a reserve control center for KazSAT-2 near Almaty.
13 мая 2013
Photo courtesy of KazSat-3 to be launched in the Q1 2014 Space Agency and the country’s Ministry of Transport and Communications have been tasked to make sure 70% of KazSat-2 satellite’s capacities are used by the end of 2013 [as compared to the current 56%].
13 февраля 2013
Photo courtesy of Communications operators invited to shift from foreign satellites to KazSat-2 KazSat-2 was placed in full operation November 26. November 25 the National Space Agency obtained the full title to the satellite from Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center.
01 февраля 2012
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan obtains full title to KazSat-2 communications satellite Khalyk Kazakhinstrakh has been designated as the insurance company.
28 ноября 2011
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to designate insurance companies for KazSat-2 late October Before the satellite is fully transferred to Kazakhstan, the Russian side is fully responsible for insurance-related issues: Talgat Mussabayev, Head of KazKosmos National Space Agency.
19 сентября 2011
Photo courtesy of KazSat-2 to enable Kazakhstan to save $30 million a year Kazakhstan’s communications satellite KazSat-2 will be operable starting from late October 2011.
14 сентября 2011
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan ready to allocate $164.3 million for KazSat-3 The satellite is to be launched in 2013.
12 сентября 2011
Photo courtesy of KazSat-2 to be operable starting from late 2011 According to Vice Chairman of the National Space Agency KazKosmos, following the flight testing, the onboard transmitting equipment will be tested in collaboration with on-land communications carriers.
31 августа 2011
KazSat. Photo courtesy of KazSat-2 reached working spot on the orbit National satellite KazSat-2 is set to the required position.
25 августа 2011
Preparation of first Kazakhstan satellite KazSat in assembling block of Baikonur cosmodrome. ©RIA Novosti KazSat-3 to be launched in 2013 Launch of Kazakhstan communication satellite KazSat-3 is scheduled for the end of 2013.
24 августа 2011
Photo courtesy of Orbital tests of KazSat-2 to be completed in October Orbital tests of the second national communications satellite KazSat-2 will be completed in October.
23 августа 2011
Photo courtesy of Investments into creation of KazSat-2 to be recouped in 4 years Consequently, in summer 2015 it will start filling the state coffers: Meirbek Moldabekov, Vice Chairman of the Kazakhstan Space Agency.
19 июля 2011
Baikonur. Photo courtesy of PM's press-service KazSat-2 functioning normally Satellite will reach the operating point at the orbit within one month.
18 июля 2011 stock photo Kazakhstan bloggers to broadcast KazSat-2 launch in Twitter KazSat-2 launch fromBaikonur will be broadcasted in Twitter on July 16.
11 июля 2011
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan planning to launch KazSat-3 in 2013 According to KazKosmos, Kazakhstan will have 2 operational satellites by that time.
29 июня 2011
RIA Novosti© Launch of KazSat-2 put off from July 15 to July 16 According to the source, the date of the launch may have been coordinated to fit in the schedules of some VIPs that are expected to attend the launch.
27 июня 2011
Stock photo of Kazakhstan and Russia agree on KazSat-3 The contract was signed within the framework of the 49th International Air Show in the Parisian suburbs of le Bourget.
21 июня 2011

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