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Photo courtesy of KazSat-2 satellite launch delayed Additional protection is needed for one of the electric instruments of the satellite. This will entail an additional round of electric testing.
20 июня 2011
KazSat-2 Russia temporarily provided orbital slot for KazSat-2 Kazakhstan and Russia signed a treaty on the use of an orbital slot for KazSat-2 satellite.
05 июня 2011
AN-124 plane. ©RIA Novosti KazSat-2 delivered to Baikonur KazSat-2 communications satellite has been delivered from Moscow to Baikonur.
31 мая 2011
©RIA Novosti KazSat-2 communications satellite to be sent to Baikonur May 30 It was to supplement the KazSat 1 satellite, but will now replace Kazsat 1 due to the complete loss of the first satellite.
29 мая 2011
Stock photo of Preparations for delivery of KazSat-2 started in Baikonur KazSat-2 will be delivered to Baikonur in the week's time from now from Khrunichev Center, where final tests are being performed.
25 мая 2011
RIA Novosti© KazSat-2 confirmed to be in working condition Experts of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute confirmed that KasSat-2 satellite is in good working order.
13 мая 2011
Photo courtesy of Russia and Kazakhstan to sign a cooperation agreement to build and launch KazSat-2 KazSat-2 was to supplement the KazSat-1 satellite, but will now replace Kazsat-1 due to the complete loss of the first satellite.
12 мая 2011
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