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26.05.2015 15:41 Health
Teenagers who are very overweight may run double the risk of developing colorectal cancer when they reach middle age.
26.11.2014 14:02 Health
Overweight and obesity is now causing nearly half a million new cancer cases in adults every year, roughly 3.6 percent of the world's total.
24.10.2014 15:01 Science, Technologies
Australian surgeons said they have used hearts which had stopped beating in successful transplants, in a world first they said could change the way organs are donated.
27.05.2014 12:56 Strange News
A Mexican man who was once the world's heaviest human when he weighed, weighing 597 kilos (1,316 pounds) at one point, has died at the age of 48, medical officials said.
11.05.2014 12:44 People
The head of Samsung Group, South Korea's largest business empire, underwent an emergency operation Sunday after developing symptoms of heart failure, hospital officials said.
23.03.2014 13:19 Health
The Astana blood bank has collected around 700 samples of stem cells from umbilical blood and placenta.
18.03.2014 13:57 Health
Women are more likely to die of heart attacks because their symptoms are often misdiagnosed as anxiety so they do not get vital swift treatment.
17.03.2014 12:28 Sport
An Astana Continental cyclist has had a stroke during his stay in a training camp in Ecuador.
15.03.2014 14:43 Politics
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, who led the regime's negotiating team at failed peace talks this year, underwent a successful heart operation in neighbouring Lebanon on Friday, Syrian television reported.
01.02.2014 16:04 Health
US federal regulators said Friday they were investigating products containing testosterone after recent studies suggested a higher risk of strokes and heart attacks in men being treated with the hormone.
03.12.2013 13:44 Education
Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed the importance of Bolashak Presidential Scholarship and the effect it had on the development of cardiac surgery in Kazakhstan.
29.11.2013 13:59 Health
American surgeon Oscar Frazier M.D. gave high praise to the professional level of Kazakhstan surgeons.
29.10.2013 13:27 Health
Mowing the lawn or washing the car are among simple activities that can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by almost 30 percent in people over 60.
02.08.2013 14:07 Science, Technologies
If the heat makes you cranky, take heart: you're not alone, according to a study out Thursday in the US journal Science that links rising tempers to hot temperatures.
30.06.2013 10:58 People
A Sri Lankan man suffered a fatal heart attack after being presented with a shocking electricity bill.
31.05.2013 10:01 Health
High doses of some commonly used pain drugs like ibuprofen can increase heart attacks, strokes and related deaths by about a third.
13.05.2013 11:53 Health
Separate studies of the human genome have found tantalising clues to the inherited causes of testicular cancer and non-inherited causes of congenital heart disease.
05.04.2013 14:42 People
People who had surgeries on artificial heart implantation gathered in Astana to discuss problems of chronic cardiac insufficiency.
04.04.2013 17:12 Health
In a double blow, bald men may be at higher risk of coronary heart disease, said a study Wednesday, but only if the hair is lost at the crown.
11.03.2013 12:15 Health
A single dose of an experimental anti-inflammatory treatment reduces heart muscle damage during an angioplasty operation to open blocked arteries.
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