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©RIA Novosti 60 artificial heart transplantations scheduled for 2013 in Kazakhstan We have scheduled 60 surgeries on implantation of the artificial heart ventricles: Kazakhstan cardiac surgeon.
07 марта 2013
©REUTERS/Tim Larsen Volunteering good for the heart: study Volunteer work has long been touted as good for the soul, but the practice is also good for your heart, according to a study out Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.
26 февраля 2013
©REUTERS/Jason Lee Smog causes surge in heart deaths: study Exposure to higher levels of fine particulates -- the airborne pollution that is an emerging problem in many Asian cities -- causes a sharp rise in deaths from heart attacks.
20 февраля 2013
Kazakhstan among 5 countries testing 3rd generation artificial heart The tests of efficiency and safety of 3rd generation cardiac ventricles implantation involve 5 hospitals in the world, including Astana National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center: Yuriy Pya.
11 февраля 2013
Photo courtesy of Study finds genetic cause for common heart ailment A genetic variation doubles the risk of developing calcium deposits in the heart, a common condition that, in severe cases, can narrow or block the aorta.
07 февраля 2013
Photo courtesy of Erectile dysfunction signals heart troubles: study Erectile dysfunction might signal more than a need for the little purple pill, researchers said Tuesday in a study showing a link with heart disease and early death.
31 января 2013
Switch out of wood-burning stoves saves lives Reducing the use of wood-burning stoves in an Australian city led to a sharp fall in deaths from respiratory diseases and heart failure.
10 января 2013
US probes deaths for possible energy drink links The US Food and Drug Administration is investigating five deaths and a heart attack for possible links to consumption of Monster Energy drinks, an agency spokeswoman.
25 октября 2012
©REUTERS/Brendan McDermid Job strain boosts risk of heart disease by 23 percent: study Workers who suffer job strain are 23-percent more likely to have a heart attack than stress-free counterparts, but the risk is far smaller than smoking or a sedentary lifestyle.
15 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of Heart attacks: longer resuscitation boosts survival chances Adding a few minutes to attempts to resuscitate patients who suffer a heart attack in hospital can significantly boost their chances of survival.
05 сентября 2012
Sage Moonblood Stallone. Photo courtesy of Stallone son died of heart disease: coroner Sylvester Stallone's eldest son Sage died from heart failure, the Los Angeles county coroner's office said Thursday, adding that there were almost no drugs in the 36-year-old's body.
31 августа 2012
Heart surgery. Photo by Roza Yessenkulova© Kazakhstan doctors transplanted donor heart for the first time The surgery was made on August 8 in the National Scientific Cardiosurgery Center of the National Medical Holding in Astana.
10 августа 2012
Lab-engineered jellyfish may mend a broken heart Using cells from rat hearts and a seer polymer film, scientists on Sunday reported they had created an artificial jellyfish that could one day help save patients with heart disease.
24 июля 2012
Implantation of the artificial heart. Photo courtesy of the National Medical Holding© PHOTO: Artificial heart implanted in Astana The first full implantation of an artificial heart has been made in Kazakhstan.
10 июля 2012
Implantation of devices into the heart. Photo courtesy of© First partial heart implantation in CIS performed in Kazakhstan A unique surgery was made in cardiosurgery center in Astana, Kazakhstan: simultaneous implantation of two auxiliary devices into the heart.
05 июля 2012
Installation of the stent into the coronary artery Unique heart surgery performed on representative of American company in Astana A complicated heart surgery on a foreign representative of one of the major American companies in Kazakhstan has been made in Cardiosurgery Center in Astana.
25 июня 2012
Photo by Roza Yessenkulova © New heart surgery method introduced in Kazakhstan Italian experts performed a master-class on transcatheter implantation of heart valves.
25 июня 2012
Heart surgery in Kazakhstan. ©Roza Yessenkulova First Kazakhstan patient with artificial heart discharged National Scientific Cardiology Center in Astana discharged its first patient with artificial heart.
07 декабря 2011
First heart transplantation in Kazakhstan scheduled for November First heart transplantation surgery in Kazakhstan is to be held in the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center in Astana in November.
21 октября 2011
Polish doctors made over 100 heart surgeries on children in Shymkent A team of Polish cardiac surgeons operated over 100 children in Shymkent during the master-class held in the cardiology center of South-Kazakhstan oblast.
30 сентября 2011

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