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07.07.2015 19:31 Disasters
Residents of Kostanay Oblast in northeastern Kazakhstan make photos of chicken-sized hail balls.
14.10.2014 09:59 Science, Technologies
French Prime Minister hailed the country's second win of Nobel season as a slap in the face for those who take pleasure in criticising the embattled nation.
27.09.2014 12:57 Politics
Australian Prime Minister hailed international police cooperation during a threat briefing at the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York.
04.08.2014 10:56 Environment
Hail with heavy rains have hit Ekibastuz city in northeastern Kazakhstan on July 28.
11.07.2014 17:10 Emergencies
Gale warning has been issued for several regions of Kazakhstan.
27.06.2011 18:37 Kazakhstan
8-mm diameter hail hit Almaty.
18.06.2011 14:46 Kazakhstan
It took several hours for the 1.5-2cm hail to melt away in spite of the warm summer weather in Almaty.
07.06.2011 12:08 Emergencies
A massive hailstorm at the territory of East-Kazakhstan oblast damaged several village schools, fields and killed livestock on Monday.
18.05.2011 17:24 Emergencies
Hailstorm hit Almaty on May 17. Hail diameter was around 2 cm.