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Hail size of a chicken egg in Kazakhstan in July 07 июля 2015, 19:31

Residents of Kostanay Oblast in northeastern Kazakhstan make photos of chicken-sized hail balls.
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Large hail has occurred in Kostanay Oblast in northeastern Kazakhstan in July, a Tengrinews correspondent reports.

The diameter of the hail, according to residents of Komsomol village, was five centimetres - nearly the size of a chicken egg. To prove this, they made photos of a hail ball and a chicken egg together – the dimensions hardly differed.

According to official information, no one was hurt in today's weather anomaly.

The hailing also occurred in Akmola Oblast, in the villages of Novobratskoe and Aydabol. However, there the diameter of the ice balls did not exceed two centimeters.

This is not the first weather caprice that occurred in Sarykol district of Kostanai Oblast in the past two weeks.

On June 26, the village of Sarykol experienced a tornado. Bad weather found the villagers in the afternoon during district sports games and struck them right at the stadium.

By Dinara Urazova


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