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13.04.2016 18:31 Science, Technologies
Researchers from Guangzhou Medical University used a gene-editing technique CRISPR to artificially induce a mutation in human cells.
12.11.2015 13:47 People
New DNA tests on the remains of the last tsar Nicholas II confirm their authenticity after exhuming them in a bid to end a dispute with the Orthodox Church.
04.11.2015 15:21 Science, Technologies
Russian investigators began examining the grave of Tsar Alexander III ahead of his exhumation in a probe looking to finally identify the remains of the last tsar Nicholas II and his family.
11.09.2014 14:28 Science, Technologies
Scientists said they have unravelled the genetic code of the gibbon, shedding light on one of the most enigmatic members of the ape family.
29.07.2014 01:11 Science, Technologies
Scientists laid bare the genetic codes of African rice and a type of wild tomato, data they said should help breed more resilient crops.
17.06.2014 10:05 Health
A super-enriched banana genetically engineered to improve the lives of millions of people in Africa will soon have its first human trial, which will test its effect on vitamin A levels, Australian researchers said.
17.04.2014 11:28 Science, Technologies
Scientists in Brazil have genetically modified a goat to produce milk with an enzyme to treat a rare genetic disorder, O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper reported.
02.08.2013 10:01 Health
Complex genetic interaction between the mosquito and the virus that causes dengue fever lie at the spread of this dangerous disease.
04.07.2013 19:39 Health
First cousins who marry run twice the risk of having a child with genetic abnormalities, according to the findings of a study in the English city of Bradford, published Friday in The Lancet.
14.11.2012 15:00 Science, Technologies
Two years ago we started a joint project with Australian center of functional economy and research to increase drought-resistance of our wheat: expert.
09.08.2012 12:33 Science, Technologies
The climate is changing amid the global warming. GMO may become a necessity in such conditions: expert.
07.08.2012 17:32 Health
Kazakhstan scientists managed to inject TBC germ into a root crop and create an edible vaccine.
25.02.2012 14:29 Health
Dariga Nazarbayeva talked about GMO-containing goods at the round-table meeting on the draft law On regulation of genetic-engineering activities.