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Baby sales in South Kazakhstan: Starting from $200 03 февраля 2014, 15:56

A South Kazakhstani woman who sold her 4 children is pregnant again.
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7 y.o Kalipa was beaten and starved by her "foster" parents. Photo ©tengrinews.kz 7 y.o Kalipa was beaten and starved by her "foster" parents. Photo ©tengrinews.kz
A South Kazakhstani woman who sold her 4 children is pregnant again, Tengrinews reports citing Saltanat Karakozova of the Department of the Interior of the South Kazakhstan Oblast. In 2011, a 27 y.o woman divorced from her shepherd husband to seek a better life. Unfortunately, the better life did not include her children. Right after the divorce papers were signed, the opportunistic mother sold her 5 y.o daughter for as little as $200. Kalipa, the oldest girl who is now 7 y.o., later told that she was starved and beaten by her new family. After some time the unwanted child was returned to her mother only to be set off again, this time to her father's parents. In the end the girl wound up to live with one of her aunts - her father's sister. Later, after spending the money, the evil mother sold two of her sons. She earned $200 for the 4 y.o. boy and $260 for the 5 y.o. boy. When one of the boys was returned to her, the mother made a better deal and sold him for the second time to earn $380 more. The newborn baby girl was the last and most successful venture so far for the woman: she sold her for almost $800. After one of the purchasing families finally reported the woman to the police, she was arrested. It was the family that purchased the boy the second time that did it. One of the sons has already been found. He is currently in a foster house. The other two children have not been found yet. The formed husband's family that is now raising the eldest girl is willing to raise all 4 children and is awaiting for the other 3 children to be returned to take of them in. “A criminal case on Trafficking of Minors charges was first initiated against the woman under the Article 133 Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan. However, the charges were later changed to the Article 133 Part 2 (trafficking of minors by a group of people) because the investigation found that one more person was involved in the children sales. It was a nurse from a clinic in Kurkeles village. She denies her involvement, but the mother claims that she received the money for her daughters and sons from the nurse,” a public prosecutor of the Saryagash region Khali Mametaev said. The clinic administration was shocked when it found out about the charges and said that it had never received any complains about the 47 y.o. nurse before and had never suspected her of any illegal activities. The nurse later admitted that the mother did ask her to find suitable families for her children, as she could not take care of them herself. But she still denies that their contacts involved any money. Both women are currently under arrest. It has turned out that the treacherous mother is pregnant again. The police is searching for the two remaining children. The Public Prosecutor’s office said that the buyers would be held liable, too. The relatives of the children are not losing hope to bring them all back under the same roof. By Gyuzel Kamalova

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