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09.02.2015 14:10 Science, Technologies
Kazakh researchers from Almaty-based Kazakh National Technical University have developed bio pellets that facilitate growth of livestock.
17.10.2014 11:51 Health
A 65-year-old woman from Zhanybek region of West Kazakhstan Oblast has been hospitalised with anthrax.
19.09.2014 08:49 Markets
Kazakhstan's agriculture development holding KazAgro has started exporting meat to Bahrain.
28.03.2014 02:09 Emergencies
A horrible car accident happened near Atyrau in western Kazakhstan. The site resembled a battlefield even though no people were killed.
18.02.2014 17:30 Disasters
The Syrdarya River has flooded farmlands and cause loss of dozens of cattle to farmers in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
08.01.2014 16:45 Industry, Infrastructure
The Western Europe – Western China road has received more than 600 points of criticism from the experts who checked it.
31.10.2013 21:43 Industry, Infrastructure
Australian suppliers will send 928 more cows to Kazakhstan. Part of the live cargo dispatch earlier suffocated during the flight.
23.10.2013 18:40 Emergencies
400 purebred breeder cattle were supported to be delivered to Almaty in a Boeing-747 on a public procurement order from the Kazakhstan government.
24.07.2013 13:00 Environment
Hungarian businessmen have suggested breeding rare Hungarian Grey cows in Kazakhstan.
04.05.2013 18:44 Markets
Australian cattle exporters said they had suspended live shipments to Egypt Saturday after abattoir footage shot by animal rights activists showed "horrific" mistreatment of cows.
19.04.2013 13:21 Crime
KazAgroFinance has prepared the documents and is already filing the lawsuit: Kazakhstan Vice-Minister.
01.04.2013 14:55 Markets
Saudi Arabia is planning to implement the project to support Pavlodar cattle breeding farms and start procuring the high-quality meat.
22.02.2013 10:51 Politics
If the Austrian party does not voluntarily reimburse for caused damage, we will sue them: Kazakhstan Minister.
19.02.2013 19:13 Finance
The state agreed with KazAgroFinance on reimbursement of costs to the Kazakhstan farms, including the expenses for food and care, as well as the salaries of the farms' employees.
18.02.2013 19:13 Emergencies
Kazakhstan veterinary services will exterminate 700 Simmental cows diagnosed with virus diarrhea and Schmallenberg virus.
13.02.2013 17:47 Politics
Former Kazakhstan Agriculture Minister expressed his opinion on cattle import to Kazakhstan.
13.02.2013 17:18 Politics
Hungarian embassy has refuted the statement of Kazakhstan Agricultural Ministry that sick cows were imported by a Hungarian company.
13.02.2013 15:30 Politics
When the cattle supply to Kazakhstan was organized, Austrian veterinary services already knew that almost all its cattle had the disease: Kazakhstan Ministry.
13.02.2013 15:15 Emergencies
Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety insists that the cows exported to Kazakhstan were infected with virus diarrhea after they left Austria.
12.02.2013 20:13 Finance
All losses will be reimbursed by this foreign company from Hungary: Kazakhstan Minister.
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