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Supplier to reimburse for sick Austrian cows 12 февраля 2013, 20:13

All losses will be reimbursed by this foreign company from Hungary: Kazakhstan Minister.
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©RIA Novosti ©RIA Novosti
The Hungarian supplier will reimburse the loss to the farmers of North-Kazakhstan oblast in relation to the sick cattle, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan Agriculture Minister Assylzhan Mamytbekov. “This cattle (from Austria) is currently in quarantine and according to the contract, it is considered the supplier's property until the quarantine is over. That’s why all the losses will be reimbursed by this foreign company from Hungary. All legal claims will be submitted to the supplier and the Austrian veterinary service. Restrictions have been introduced on Austria,” the Minister said on the sidelines of the government meeting. Mamytbekov reminded that Schmallenberg virus was discovered in Austrian cows during the quarantine. “The cattle has been diagnosed with two diseases: initially there was a suspicion of a virus diarrhea. Blood samples were sent to the reference laboratory of the International Epizootic Bureau to test on this suspicion. The second diagnosis )Schmallenberg) was confirmed there,” the Minister said. According to Mamytbekov, the Austrian veterinary service is responsible for the import of sick cattle to Kazakhstan. “The cattle were supplied with a veterinary certificate of the Austrian veterinary service. Cows were imported to Kazakhstan based on this certificate. During export from Austria, the veterinary service acknowledged that it did not fully control the situation and failed to perform all its obligations,” he added. Meanwhile, the Agriculture Minister does not exclude the possibility of Schmallenberg virus spreading to some of the local cows. “Hypothetically there is such a possibility. At the same time all the required measures have been taken during the quarantine. The weather is good and this disease does not spread around at such temperatures. That’s why we have to take all the required measures before it gets warmer,” Mamytbekov said. The Minister also stressed that Kazakhstan would continue buying foreign cows. “I have to mention that this cattle was bought by businessmen and not by Ministry or KazAgro. Businessmen take their own decisions and there are many of them willing to buy cows,” Assylzhan Mamytbekov said. By Gulnara Zhandagulova

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