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900 more Australian cows to be delivered to Almaty 31 октября 2013, 21:43

Australian suppliers will send 928 more cows to Kazakhstan. Part of the live cargo dispatch earlier suffocated during the flight.
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©Rosa Esenkulova ©Rosa Esenkulova
Australian suppliers will send 928 cows more to Kazakhstan, press-secretary of KazArgoFinance Aliya Isenova told Tengrinews. According to her, the cows that were delivered to Almaty the week before were transferred to Almaty Oblast and put in quarantine. "According to the rules, the cattle must be in quarantine for 30 days. We have to make sure that the cows are fine. Our Australian partners are aware of the quarantine. If everything goes fine, all the documents will be completed and the money transfer will be made. The 49 dead cows (that died during last week's delivery) will be compensated. The supplier will send their replacements in the next batch," she explained. The Almaty Oblast farmstead ordered the total of 1200 Australian cows. 321 cows arrived last week alive. "It means that the remained 928 cows including the compensation for the dead ones will be delivered in following shipments," the press-secretary said, but gave no specific schedule or deadlines of the delivery. The incident with the previous batch of cows happened on October 22. 49 purebred breeder cattle from Australia were found dead in the airplane after it landed in Almaty. According to veterinarians, this happened because of the cows' natural wastes - ammonia became the source of poisonous vapors - an a breakdown in the airplane's air conditioning system. The cow in the upper row suffocated because of insufficient supply of oxygen. The flight lasted for 17 hours.

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