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Western Europe - Western China road gets 600 points of criticism 08 января 2014, 16:45

The Western Europe – Western China road has received more than 600 points of criticism from the experts who checked it.
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Western Europe - Western China road. Photo ©mtc.gov.kz Western Europe - Western China road. Photo ©mtc.gov.kz
The Western Europe – Western China road that goes access Kazakhstan has received more than 600 points of criticism from the experts who checked it, Tengrinews reports referring to the press office of the Minister of Transport and Communications. The National Expertise Board of Transparency and Sustainable Development checked the international transit corridor Western Europe - Western China. The goal of the Board was to help improve the quality of life of the population affected by the reconstruction project. The experts studied four regions of Kazakhstan that the transit corridor passes through. 642 citizens from 63 villages and 1461 workers from 12 construction companies participated in the examination of the road reconstruction. As a result of the inspection, a critical statement with more than 600 points were issued. The results were sent to the construction companies and they have already started solving the problems. “The monitoring of the Western Europe-Western China project was very productive. We have made corrections after considering the recommendations from the local citizens who requested cattle routes, ramps, and routes for farming vehicles. As a result, many mistakes sprouting from lack of cooperation with the local population were eliminated, ” Deputy Minister of Transport and Communication Mereke Pshembayev said. All in all, 448 kilometers of highway have to be reconstructed in South Kazakhstan Oblast alone as a part of the Western Europe – Western China road project. The work was conducted at 10 sites of the total length of 224 kilometers in 2013. First the reconstruction of 54 kilometers of the highway was been completed and submitted to the inspection board for commissioning. The remaining 170 kilometers were completed by the year end. "This year's reconstruction involved construction or renovation of 48 bridges and 38 cattle routes,” Vice-Chairman of the Highway Committee of the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Kazakhstan Satzhan Ablaliev said. The total length of the Kazakhstan section of the Western Europe - Western China international transit corridor is 2787 kilometers. Almost all of it - 2452 kilometers - required reconstruction to become a truly international trunk corridor. In 2011, 215 kilometers were put into service and 700 kilometers more were opened for public use the following year. All in all, 806 kilometers of the newly refurbished road became available by the end of 2013.

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