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Arabs eager to buy natural meat from Kazakhstan 01 апреля 2013, 14:55

Saudi Arabia is planning to implement the project to support Pavlodar cattle breeding farms and start procuring the high-quality meat.
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Photo by Anastassiya CHATALBASH© Photo by Anastassiya CHATALBASH©
Saudi Arabia is planning to implement a joint project to support Pavlodar cattle breeding farms and start procuring high-quality meat, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Finance Director of Hashoo Group Assad Talib Kusain Shakh. According to him, Saudi Arabia is ready to invest $20 million in this project. This money will be spent on construction of calving facilities for cattle breeding. “Pavlodar is a good base for the business. Our main interest lays in cattle breeding, mainly in meat and milk production. We are ready to invest $20 million at the first stage of this project. We are looking into production of Halal standard meat,” Assan Talib Husain Shakh said. “Production and consumption of Halal meat is made not just a religious element; it is also good for health. And you have good conditions for the natural production, as there are huge pastures and cattle wonders around freely,” he said. The foreigners visited several Pavlodar farms and cattle breeding facilities. There were mostly interested in the breeding conditions, nutrition and butchering process. “We import the goods from Australia and European countries. But their production most frequently involves different chemicals and hormones. Citizens of the Middle East would like to eat natural meat without any chemicals or additives. We want the meat products to have a better quality. Your nature allows to breed healthy cattle,” the businessman said. Pavlodar officials have no doubts in the project’s success. Especially that the region has several advantages, according to the oblast's Akim (Governor) Yerlan Aryn. “We are located in the area of the food belt around Astana, we share a common border with Russia and have advantages related to the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space. We have a good experience in breeding cattle, including Angus and Hereford cows that are of their interest. But we have also drawn the attention of our guests to our breeds: Auliekol, Kostanai and Kazakh White-Headed breeds. I think that this project can be implemented successfully. There is a great interest from both parties. Our task is to facilitate development of businesses,” Yerlan Aryn said.

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