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Hungary offers Kazakhstan to breed rare cattle 24 июля 2013, 13:00

Hungarian businessmen have suggested breeding rare Hungarian Grey cows in Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of agroacadem.ru Photo courtesy of agroacadem.ru
Hungarian businessmen have suggested bringing in rare a cattle breed to Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. “There is a rare breed called Hungarian Grey. It is different in size from a regular cow and very resistant to low temperature. We would like to develop cattle breeding. There are not many of them left in the world, e.g. we only have 3 thousand of them,” a manager of cattle ecofarm located in the national park of Hungary Dezso Szomor said at a briefing in Astana. According to him, the breed feels comfortable both in hot and cold climates and the meat has a good taste. “Business is not the most important here. We need to protect the species and increase its population. If Kazakhstan is interested, we could provide 100-200 cows for breeding,” Dezso Szomor said. Former Ambassador of Hungary to Kazakhstan and Vice-President of Kazakhstan-Hungarian Business Council Janosh Nemet said that Kazakhstan businessmen were interested in the offer. “We could provide you the cattle for breeding, especially for development of meat cattle breeding, as this cattle is larger and has more meat. Several businessmen have already expressed interested in this cooperation,” he said. According to him, Hungarian businessmen were interested in cooperating with their Kazakhstan colleagues in other areas as well, e.g. in education and roads construction. “We have good road construction projects that we could develop jointly. Besides, we had a meetings with representatives of medical circles to discuss experience exchange. We are ready to offer training to all willing doctors and send our doctors to be trained in Kazakhstan in exchange. We could also develop cooperation in balneology. Hungary is ranked the second after Iceland for its thermal waters. I think this is a very interesting offer,” Janosh Nemet said. The Hungarian delegation taking part in the car rally arrived to Astana several days ago. The rally called On the Path of the Ancestors was organized by Hungarian businessmen to follow the path of their ancestors, the Magyars. Through this project the businessmen plan to enhance historic ties with the Magyars’ descendants in Argyn and Kypshak tribes of Kazakhstan, promote development of business contacts between Hungarian and Kazakhstan small and medium companies, and step up interaction with commerce cambers of Kostanay and Kyzylorda oblasts of Kazakhstan. By Baubek Konyrov

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