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Kazakhstan to export lamb to Bahrain and later to China and Iran 19 сентября 2014, 08:49

Kazakhstan's agriculture development holding KazAgro has started exporting meat to Bahrain.
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Photo © tengrinews Photo © tengrinews

Kazakhstan's agriculture development holding KazAgro has started exporting meat to Bahrain, Tengrinews reports citing the press office of the holding.

“It is planned to export the first batch of lamb meat from the Almaty and Zhambyl Oblasts sheep farmers to Bahrain. We continue working on setting export of meat to Iran and China,” the press office reported.

The representative of Bahrain arrived to Kazakhstan on an invitation from KazAgro and its partner EmpireGroupCorporation. The representatives got acquainted with the veterinary conditions and meat processing in the country.

Specialist from Bahrain visited a number of meat factories in Almaty and Zhambyl Oblasts. They learned about the living conditions, veterinary safety, infrastructure and regulations concerning butchering and storing of meat.

The Bahranian specialist spoke highly about the animals’ condition. They also noted perfect living conditions and feeding of the cattle. The Kazakhstani lamb was also acknowledged to be exceptionally tasty.

The specialist provided some advises in terms of butchering that, in turn, the Kazakhstani company promised to adjust in accordance with the suggestions.

According to a member of the delegation, after all the lamb export procedures are conducted, it would be possible to export lamb in live weight and later as frozen meat.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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