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31.03.2016 16:36 Emergencies
A partially built flyover collapsed in India's eastern city of Kolkata. 14 dead, 78 injured, control room set up, helpline number 1070.
01.05.2015 03:19 Emergencies
A bridge under construction collapses in Almaty, kills one and injures 20 others, bringing safety at Kazakhstan's construction sites and industries into spotlight.
24.04.2015 21:28 Emergencies
A bridge has collapsed during pouring of concrete in Kazakhstan's Almaty injuring 20 construction workers.
28.06.2014 16:59 Health
Transportation authorities agreed to fund anti-suicide netting beneath the Golden Gate Bridge to prevent people jumping to their death from the iconic landmark, an official said.
09.06.2014 14:09 Strange News
Sometimes too much love can be a bad thing as Paris discovered on Sunday when thousands of "locks of love" attached to a footbridge caused part of the railing to collapse, forcing an evacuation.
04.02.2014 14:04 Industry, Infrastructure
China is to fund a bridge over a river linking the neighboring South American countries of Suriname and Guyana.
04.01.2014 14:06 Environment
A stone bridge dating back to the Ming dynasty has been discovered after water levels plunged at China's largest freshwater lake, a Beijing newspaper reported Friday.
19.06.2013 15:44 Emergencies
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has fallen off the bridge at the crossing of Ryskulov and Rozybakiyev streets in Almaty.
24.05.2013 13:37 Disasters
Keldymurat river level in Keldymurat village increased after heavy rains and the bridge failed to stand again the masses of water.
24.05.2013 12:20 Emergencies
A bridge carrying a freeway over a river in the northwestern US state of Washington partially collapsed Thursday, sending cars and people plunging into the water below.
08.04.2013 14:19 Emergencies
The bridge in Kholodnyi Klyuch village in the suburbs of Semei is still in the emergency state.
20.03.2013 13:19 Emergencies
A bridge in Kholodnyi Klyuch near Semey was partially destroyed by the meltwater.
18.03.2013 17:32 Emergencies
The bridge over the railroad at kilometer 1,642 of Shymkent-Samara highway partially collapsed at night of March 16 after 2 square meters of its beams gave in.
02.02.2013 14:21 Emergencies
The collapse of a bridge on an expressway in central China was likely caused by an explosion on a lorry carrying fireworks, a local official said Saturday as state media said the death toll rose to 11.
18.06.2012 14:04 Industry, Infrastructure
Japanese experts have inspected the technical condition of the suspension bridge across the Irtysh River in Semey. The bridge hasn’t been inspected for 12 years.
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