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Meltwater partially destroys bridge near Semey 20 марта 2013, 13:19

A bridge in Kholodnyi Klyuch near Semey was partially destroyed by the meltwater.
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Photo by Ruslan Shakabayev© Photo by Ruslan Shakabayev©
A bridge in Kholodnyi Klyuch near Semei was partially destroyed by the meltwater, Tengrinews.kz reports. The bridge cracked on March 16 and part of the road collapsed the day after. The bridge has been closed for traffic. Local authorities have installed restricting road signed and erected a soil bank to make sure no car attempts to cross. Local citizens say that this is not the first time when meltwaters destroy the bridge. As a result of the accident bus traffic to Kholodnyi Klyuch was suspended. Public transport only goes as far as the bridge and the passengers then cross the collapsed bridge on foot and take another bus. The public utilities department has provided no further details on the plans to repair the bridge. Earlier a bridge over a railroad partially collapsed at the kilometer 1,642 of Shymkent-Samara road. A special commission created to investigate the accident declared the bridge unfit for use until completion of the repair works. It has been closed for safety reasons.

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