24 апреля 2015 21:28

Bridge collapses during construction in Almaty; 20 injured


©STV Channel, "Territory of incidents" ©STV Channel, "Territory of incidents"

A bridge has collapsed in Almaty, Tengrinews reports.

A bridge has collapsed in Almaty, Tengrinews reports.

The bridge was under construction at the intersection of Ryskulov and Sain avenues. It's massive frame collapsed during pouring of concrete.

Deputy chief of the city Emergency Department Nurlan Madiyarov said that 20 people were injured in the collapse of the bridge. They were also brought to the Almaty City Hospital #7. 10 were discharged after some tests, but the other 10 remain in the hospital, three of them being in serious condition.

According to the Chief Doctor of the hospital Bolatbek Baimakhanov, the condition of the injured is moderate, none of them are in need of urgent surgeries. "We have diagnosed them with brain injuries and soft tissue bruises. One of them has a vertebral fracture, he is in the trauma department. The remaining 9 are in neurosurgery," he said, adding that all 10 are expected to be discharged within two weeks.

There were 52 people on and under the bridge when it collapsed. 51 of the employees of the construction company have been account for but one is still missing. His whereabouts are not known but it doesn't necessarily mean that he is under the debris. 

At the moment, employees of the Emergency Situations are clearing the debris. But the Emergency Department Deputy Chief Madiyarov declined to answer how many people remain under the rubble, if any.

The 125-meter long and 11-meter wide bridge was supposed to connect the exit from Domillion shopping center and local Public Service Center (Ryskulov Avenue and the eastern bypass). The contracting company implementing the project is SK Basis LLP, the city akimat reported.

The Department of Emergency Situations was notified about the horrible incident at 11:57.

First, three rescue crews consisting of 16 people, including six dog handlers, as well as representatives of the regional operational and rescue team were sent to the emergency site.

Now there are 200 people from various services and 100 pieces of equipment working at the site, including 10 fire brigades, police and SWAT fighters.

According to local residents, the collapse of the bridge occurred at around 12.30. They heard a loud crack and then rumbling of something massive crashing down onto the ground. 

The threat of further collapse remains.


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