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14.08.2015 19:20 People
A mother from Almaty has given birth to quadruplets.
12.12.2014 18:18 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has sent a telegram to congratulate Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene on the birth of twins.
11.12.2014 16:23 Politics
Prince Albert II of Monaco and his wife Charlene welcomed their twin babies to the world, and announced that Jacques will be next in line to the throne.
06.10.2014 17:35 Health
Kazakhstan has had an increase in birth rate and decease in mortality rate.
04.10.2014 10:24 Science, Technologies
A 36-year-old Swede has become the world's first woman to give birth after receiving a womb transplant.
27.09.2014 14:13 People
Chelsea Clinton announced Saturday the birth of her first-born child, daughter Charlotte.
17.09.2014 14:52 People
Hollywood hearthrob Ryan Gosling and his actress girlfriend Eva Mendes are proud parents of a baby daughter.
15.08.2014 21:59 Environment
A Japanese macaque gave birth in the Almaty Zoo
27.06.2014 18:35 People
Triplets were born at the Center of Motherhood and Childhood in Astana.
18.05.2014 21:03 People
The population of Zhanaozen town in western Kazakhstan has exceeded the development plan.
31.03.2014 12:53 People
Quadruplets have been born in South Kazakhstan Oblast for the first time in a decade.
28.03.2014 11:00 Health
Bans on smoking in public and the workplace led to a 10 percent drop in premature births and in emergency asthma treatment for children.
13.03.2014 10:09 Environment
Australia has successfully hatched its first shark born via artificial insemination with hopes that the development can ultimately be used to help breed threatened species.
24.01.2014 19:05 Laws, Initiatives
Members of the Lower Chamber of the Kazakhstan Parliament are considering toughening of the punishment for bride kidnapping in Kazakhstan.
22.01.2014 11:02 Health
Days away from giving birth and living apart from her family, 16-year-old Ying is one of a growing number of Thai teenagers to fall pregnant every year in a country where sex education is focused on the married.
12.01.2014 10:58 Health
A 58-year-old Utah woman is expecting a baby she is carrying for her daughter, with plans to give birth to her own granddaughter, reports said Friday.
06.01.2014 14:15 Environment
The first giant panda cub born in Taiwan made her much-anticipated public debut Monday, drawing thousands of exciting fans in the first few hours.
30.12.2013 15:26 Environment
A zoo in northern Thailand said Sunday that it was preparing for the birth of a second giant panda in the New Year thanks to artificial insemination.
25.12.2013 13:07 Strange News
A Chinese woman had twin girls at the age of 60 following IVF treatment after her only child died, making her possibly the oldest person in the country to give birth, state media reported Tuesday.
12.12.2013 11:32 People
One in three children worldwide cannot have their existence legally verified with a birth certificate since their birth was not registered, UNICEF warned Wednesday.
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