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Mother from Almaty gives birth to fantastic four 14 августа 2015, 19:20

A mother from Almaty has given birth to quadruplets.
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Photo © Roza Yessenkulova Photo © Roza Yessenkulova

A mother from Almaty has given birth to quadruplets. Three baby girls and a baby boy were born on August 6. The babies are currently at the hospital for an adaptation period. The mother and babies will be discharged from the hospital in 10 days, Tengrinews reports.


Photos © Roza Yessenkulova

The pregnancy of the 35 y.o. Bayan Abdullina was complicated. She turned to doctors a number of times because the threat of miscarriage was high. In February 2015, Abdullina learned that she was having triplets. “Certainly, we were shocked when we heard the news. But in a couple weeks I ended up in a hospital with a miscarriage threat again and then the doctors determined that I was actually having quadruplets, not triplets. We were surprised, but took the news calmly. (…) I was under the care of doctors. In such cases, labor does not go naturally, so I had to have a C-section. My husband remained by my side all the time. Three girls and a boy were born. We have not chosen the names yet,” the mother said.


The Abdullins already have three sons; two of them are of school age. The family lives in a house in Almaty. According to the mother, the family now needs to expand their housing. Abdullina has two university degrees, but will have to become a housewife. Her husband is a businessman. Bayan Abdullina is confident that her husband will be able to provide for the big family.

The mother of seven children will be receiving an Altyn Alka award. Altyn Alka is awarded to mothers with seven or more children in Kazakhstan. Deputy Akim (Vice-Mayor) of Almaty Zauresh Amanzholova came to congratulate the mother and brought gifts to the babies. The state officials can’t provide the family with a new bigger apartment, but promised to upgrade the family in the free housing queue.


Multiple births are becoming more and more common in Kazakhstan over the years, but triples and especially quadruplets are still a rare occasion for the Central Asian country.

In the end of July, Tolganay Slambek gave birth to triplets at the same prenatal center. The mother and three girls have  finally been discharged from the center. Slambek’s husband and mother-in-law came to the prenatal center to pick them up. The girls were named Inzhu, Aknur and Inkar. The parents of the triplets are from Zharkent town and are renting an apartment in Almaty. The family has an older daughter Aisha. “I learned that I was carrying triplets on the 12th week of my pregnancy. The pregnancy went without any problems. I was under the care of doctors, there were no complications. In the end of July three baby girls were born via a C-section. I thank God for such a gift,” the mother of triplets said.


The doctors of the prenatal center noted that both the quadruplets and triplets were conceived naturally without an IVF.


“We certainly were worried for the quadruplets. All the babies were born premature on the seventh month of pregnancy. In such cases, babies are put under constant medical care. But the mothers were allowed to hold and breastfeed the babies on the second day. Tolganay’s baby girls have already gained weight and are feeling good. So we are letting them go home. As for the quadruplets born on August 6, they will have to stay at our center for another 10 days. The condition of babies is good. It is important to note that the babies are not born from an IVF, but were naturally conceived,” Dr. Elmira Zhakasheva said.


According to Dr. Zhakasheva, in 2014 seven sets of triplets were born in Almaty and three of them were delivered at the prenatal center. Three sets of triplets and one set of quadruplets have been born this year.

Reporting by Roza Yessenkulova, writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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