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Baby Japanese macaque born in Almaty Zoo 15 августа 2014, 21:59

A Japanese macaque gave birth in the Almaty Zoo
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Baby Vita. Photo © tengrinewsTV Baby Vita. Photo © tengrinewsTV

A Japanese macaque gave birth in the Almaty Zoo, TengrinewsTV reports.

The baby macaque named Vita was born in Almaty on April 18. Her family is truly international. Vita’s father is from Poland and mother is from Japan. The zoo workers were keeping Vita away from the public eye for the first months after her birth. Her mother lost milk after giving birth, and Vita was bottle-fed by Sholpan Abdibekova, the head of the primates section at the Almaty Zoo.

Baby Vita had to be fed and swaddled like an infant. But now she eats fruits and porridge. “She does not eat from a bottle anymore. We are not feeding her like an infant,” Abdibekova said.

The Almaty Zoo has another interesting resident, a monkey named Tomiris who "predicted" results of the World Cup 2014.

Earlier this year, the Almaty Zoo initiated a program called “My Sweet and Tender Beast”. Taking part in the program gives anyone willing to spend more time with animals an opportunity to foster an animal in the zoo. The money from the fostering project goes towards enhancing living conditions of the animal or purchasing a partner for the animal.

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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