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Researchers at the Cloning & Genetic Engineering section of the Beijing Genomics Institute. ©Reuters/Bobby Yip Human genetic research with Chinese characteristics Researchers from Guangzhou Medical University used a gene-editing technique CRISPR to artificially induce a mutation in human cells.
13 апреля 2016
Turkmenistan introduces mandatory pre-marital HIV tests Turkmenistan has passed a law making HIV tests mandatory prior to marriage.
06 апреля 2016
Clinton archives reveal AIDS fund chief pushed out in 2012 A series of recently released emails by former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton contradict the official motive given for Michel Kazatchkine leaving his top post at The Global Fund to Fight AIDS in 2012.
01 ноября 2015
Bill Gates hopeful of AIDS vaccine in 10 years Billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates, who spends millions of dollars on AIDS drug development, said he hoped for a vaccine against the disease within the next decade as a cure remains far off.
27 июня 2015
Vienna's Life Ball extravaganza draws stars in fight against AIDS From actress Charlize Theron to French fashion icon Jean-Paul Gaultier, the Life Ball, one of the world's biggest AIDS charity events, drew scores of celebrities to Vienna.
17 мая 2015
HIV positive: gender and age trends in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan’s Center for Prevention and Combating AIDS observes changes in the age and gender statistics for new HIV cases.
23 января 2015
Photo courtesy of China diagnosed 104,000 new HIV/AIDs cases in 2014 China diagnosed 104,000 new cases of HIV/AIDS in 2014, highlighting growth in infections in the country despite a comparatively low overall rate.
16 января 2015
Photo courtesy of Birth control shot may boost HIV risk: study Women who use a specific type of injectable birth control have a slightly higher risk of HIV infection than those who take the pill.
09 января 2015
New clues in quest for HIV cure: researchers Scientists seeking a cure for AIDS said they had found important clues about how HIV manages to skirt detection after being suppressed by drugs.
08 января 2015
Teens turn to text messages for AIDS advice in Zambia The questions teenagers ask about HIV are brutally honest, anonymous -- and sent in 160 characters or less over mobile phone text messages.
02 декабря 2014
Bruce Springsteen fills in at surprise U2 AIDS show Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay's Chris Martin tried to replace Bono's legendary vocal cords in a surprise U2 concert in New York to rally support for fighting AIDS.
02 декабря 2014
Apple teams with (RED) to fight AIDS Apple on Monday teamed with the (RED) campaign founded by U2 singer Bono to raise money to fight AIDS.
25 ноября 2014
Elton John lends star power to US war on AIDS Rock star Elton John teamed up with the Obama administration to launch a new $7 million fund to provide access to HIV services in South Africa.
25 октября 2014
South Africa to host 2016 AIDS conference South Africa's port city of Durban will host the 21st International AIDS Conference in 2016, marking the forum's return to Africa after 16 years, organisers said.
26 июля 2014
Some 100 on board crashed Malaysia flight were AIDS workers: reports As many as 100 of those killed on a Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed in Ukraine were delegates heading to Australia for a global AIDS conference, unconfirmed reports said.
18 июля 2014
©Reuters/Edward Echwalu HIV scare after Australian health worker diagnosed with virus Australian authorities were urging 399 people in eastern Victoria state to have an HIV test after a health care worker was diagnosed with the virus that causes AIDS.
16 июля 2014
©Reuters/Yorgos Karahalis WHO urges all gay men to use preventive drugs The World Health Organization urged all men who have gay sex to take antiretroviral drugs, warning that HIV infections are rising among homosexual men in many parts of the world.
12 июля 2014
Romania keeps ancient tradition of bee medicine alive Bee venom to combat multiple sclerosis, pollen for indigestion, honey to heal wounds -- the humble bee has been a key source of alternative medicines since ancient times, and Romania is working to keep the tradition of "apitherapy" alive.
11 апреля 2014
©Reuters/Jean-Paul Pelissier Breakthrough in hunt for HIV vaccine US scientists seeking to unravel the mysteries of HIV have made an important breakthrough after capturing the clearest image yet of a protein which allows the deadly virus to attack human immune cells, new research showed Tuesday.
02 ноября 2013
Laboratory technician checking blood for HIV antibodies. ©RIA Novosti New version of HIV-1 found in Kazakhstan, or not A new form of HIV-1 virus has been found in Russia and registered in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the Chechen Republic.
17 октября 2013

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