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10.05.2015 00:08 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has had a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow.
08.05.2015 22:01 Politics
China's General Secretary Xi Jinping visits Kazakhstan to negotiate issues of vital importance for bilateral cooperation.
08.05.2015 21:04 Companies
Astana EXPO-2017 designates usage of local content in the construction of exhibition facilities as priority issue.
08.05.2015 20:34 Politics
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan to Italy Andrian Yelemessov spoke about the relations between the two countries and primary interests of Kazakhstani citizens in Italy.
08.05.2015 19:08 People
A woman from Kazakhstan was in the capital of Nepal, when the earthquake hit the country. She survived.
08.05.2015 18:54 Companies
Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan has entered the list of the 2000 biggest and most powerful companies in the world as compiled by Forbes.
08.05.2015 18:48 Environment
Czech experts conducted a two-year study of the ecological situation in Karaganda Oblast. Their findings are shocking.
07.05.2015 15:02 Politics
Heads of the CIS countries have delivered an address dedicated to the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory Day calling the international community to counter attempts to glorify Nazism.
07.05.2015 01:59 Entertainment, Style
Servicemen of Kazakhstan have prepared an original congratulation to make the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.
07.05.2015 01:53 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev declared that Astana will become a Eurasian financial center by learning from Dubai.
07.05.2015 01:16 Politics
Nazarbayev received Jose Manuel Barroso in Astana and thanked him for his contribution into strengthening of cooperation between Kazakhstan and the European Union.
07.05.2015 00:09 Politics
An official visit of China’s Xi Jinping to Astana will take place on May 7.
06.05.2015 23:52 Politics
President of Kazakhstan says that wages should be paid to civil servants based on performance and that the country provides ample opportunities to hard-working people.
06.05.2015 19:13 Companies
President of Kazakhstan receives the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell in Akorda.
05.05.2015 00:06 Politics
President of the Czech Republic said that Russia had to diversify its economy, something that Kazakhstan managed to do well.
04.05.2015 22:10 Politics
Sergei Lebedev, head of the CIS observation mission, believes there were political alternatives at Kazakhstan's presidential elections.
04.05.2015 13:34 Science, Technologies
Five Kazakh teams will present their startups at Singapore's annual Echelon Asia Summit.
04.05.2015 13:13 Politics
Nazarbayev approves of the National Commission for Modernisation of Kazakhstan responsible for 5 institutional reforms.
04.05.2015 12:46 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev has signed a decree leaving the Cabinet of Ministers in the same composition as before the election.
02.05.2015 03:17 Crime
Two of Aliyev's accomplices in the trial into the double-murder of Kazakh bankers back in 2007, have been released in the courtroom over contradicting evidence.
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