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10.11.2015 15:55 Companies
TAG Heuer, the Swiss watchmaker that is part of the French luxury goods groupLVMH, showed off its first Internet-connected wristwatch designed withGoogle and Intel.
01.09.2015 16:15 Science, Technologies
Samsung unveiled its latest smartwatch as the South Korean tech giant seeks to challenge Apple's global domination in the fast-growing wearable device market.
26.11.2014 13:26 Entertainment, Style
Napoleon's admirers will be able to carry his DNA on their wrists after a Swiss company announced its plans to sell watches containing a fragment of the emperor's hair.
17.10.2014 15:16 Companies
Rolls-Royce announced that it was slashing its earnings forecasts partly as result of Western trade sanctions against Russia, causing a share price collapse.
11.09.2014 13:25 Gadgets
Apple's long-awaited smartwatch looks "too feminine" and its design will not stand the test of time, luxury giant LVMH's watch guru has told German media.
09.09.2014 15:48 Gadgets
Apple pulls back the curtain on its latest innovations, amid frenzied anticipation over new big-screen iPhones.
28.08.2014 13:50 Gadgets
South Korea's Samsung and LG unveiled new smartwatches with upgraded functions and design.
26.06.2014 12:00 Gadgets
South Korea's Samsung and LG launched rival smartwatches powered by Google's new software as they jostle to lead an increasingly competitive market for wearable devices seen as the mobile industry's next growth booster.
28.03.2014 14:05 Entertainment, Style
British jeweller Graff unveiled Thursday what it described as the "most valuable watch ever created" -- a timepiece replete with more than 110 carats of diamonds costing $55 million (40 million euros).
23.12.2013 11:03 Companies
Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group has won a lawsuit against US jewellery group Tiffany & Co over a failed joint venture to jointly design and market luxury watches.
19.12.2013 09:48 Markets
Luxury watch sales fell in the key Chinese market this year in the face of a crackdown on corruption and extravagance, a global consultancy said.
22.08.2013 10:20 Gadgets
News that Samsung will unveil a "smartwatch" next month has sent rumour mills into overdrive within the tech community as it second guesses what the much-hyped gadget will offer.
01.04.2013 15:25 Gadgets
Amid much speculation on the future of the "smartwatch," the consensus is growing: the time is right.
28.02.2013 13:32 Science, Technologies
After the smartphone, the intelligent watch promises to become the latest hi-tech trend, allowing wearers to peek at messages and even take calls without touching their phones.
14.11.2012 11:22 Cinema, Music
A platinum wristwatch belonging to British guitarist Eric Clapton sold for 3.4 million Swiss francs ($3.6 million, 2.9 million euros) in Geneva Monday, auction house Christie's said.
03.08.2012 10:01 Military
After 30 years of war, the London Olympics are a distant dreamworld for most Afghans -- and even the 130,000 NATO-led troops from 50 countries watch the television broadcasts with weapons close at hand.
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