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18.08.2014 23:02 Military
Kazakhstani tank crew has won the 2nd place in the overall team event and the 3rd place in the individual trail race at the Tank Biathlon 2014.
16.08.2014 14:45 Science, Technologies
US theme park operator SeaWorld said it would build new, giant tanks for its killer whales, whose captivity has caused uproar
08.08.2014 17:10 Military
On August 4, the first day of the competition, Kazakhstan's crew finished the individual trail race with dented armour and damaged track.
05.08.2014 16:23 Military
Tank Biathlon 2014 international competition kicked off in Alabino military range close to Moscow on August 4.
01.08.2014 14:24 Military
Kazakhstan is in the 80th place in the ranking by conventional military strength according to the Global Firepower Index.
16.06.2014 12:42 Military
NATO released photographs Saturday of what it said were suspected Russian tanks in eastern Ukraine, having warned earlier that confirmation of their presence would mark a "serious escalation" of the crisis.
14.06.2014 11:36 Politics
The United States accused Russia of sending tanks and rocket launchers to pro-Moscow rebels in Ukraine.
12.05.2014 16:17 Military
After a 60-year break 88-year-old veteran-tankman from Kazakhstan's Karaganda Ismail Galiulin showed that good skill never fades away.
23.11.2012 13:04 Unrest
Sudan's powerful intelligence service on Thursday said it had disrupted a "plot" to disturb the country's security, as a witness saw tanks moving in the streets of the capital.
24.09.2012 14:59 Military
Uralvagonzavod and Kazakhstan Engineering will establish a joint company repairing and modernizing armored vehicles in Kazakhstan.
13.07.2012 18:46 Unrest
Syrian troops with tanks and helicopters slaughtered more than 150 people in a central village, rights activists said on Friday, prompting the opposition to call for urgent UN intervention.
15.05.2012 11:44 Military
Uralvagonzavod is counting on Kazakhstan’s purchase of an additional batch of Terminator tank support fighting vehicles.
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