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Illustration. © A baby is born every 113 seconds in Kazakhstan One person is born every 113 seconds and one person dies each 200 seconds in Kazakhstan.
24 января 2015
HIV positive: gender and age trends in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan’s Center for Prevention and Combating AIDS observes changes in the age and gender statistics for new HIV cases.
23 января 2015
German inflation hits three-year low in March The rate of inflation in Germany, Europe's biggest economy, fell to its lowest level in more than three years in March, official final data showed on Friday.
11 апреля 2014
Chairman of the Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov. © Kazakhstan's GDP grows 5.7 percent Kazakhstan's GDP in January-October 2013 has grown 5.8 percent in real terms.
18 ноября 2013
Illustration by Almaty and Astana responsible for 30% of Kazakhstan’s pension deductions Astana and Almaty residents transferred almost 100 billion tenge to pension funds in 7 months of 2013.
25 сентября 2013
Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Kazakhstan's investments grow 10,000 tenge per capita Compared to last year investments per capita grew 10 thousand tenge ($66.7) and made 102.5 thousand tenge ($683) in H1 2013 in Kazakhstan.
24 июня 2013
©RIA Novosti Sheep population goes down in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Statistics Agency has published a report on the livestock of domestic animals in Kazakhstan.
11 апреля 2013
Nurly Tau business center in Almaty. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Rating of expensive offices made in Kazakhstan Almaty is number one in the list of the cities with most expensive elite offices.
25 марта 2013
Newborn child. ©Vladimir Dmitriyev Birth rate keeps going up in Kazakhstan According to Alikhan Smailov, Statistics Agency chairman, population of Kazakhstan made 16,934 thousand people as of February 1, 2013.
23 марта 2013 stock photo Astana population exceeds 780 thousand people As of February 1, 2013 Astana’s population made 780,880 people.
14 марта 2013
Finalists of Miss Kazakhstan-2012. Photo by Danial Okassov© Kostanay tagged most feminine city of Kazakhstan Women make 55.2 percent of the population in Kostanay.
11 марта 2013
Almaty city. Photo courtesy of Population of Almaty to grow 150 thousand by 2015 The number of citizens in Kazakhstan's largest city Almaty will reach 1.6 million people by 2015.
01 марта 2013
40 000 drug addicts are registered in Kazakhstan at present. ©RIA Novosti Average age of Kazkahstan drug addicts is 20 There are 40 000 registered drug addicts in Kazakhstan at present.
28 февраля 2013
Photo by Danial Okassov© Over 4 thousand people missing in Kazakhstan 843 underaged and 630 elderly people (from 50 and older) are currently missing in Kazakhstan.
25 февраля 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan among most inventive countries Inventions of Kazakhstan’s originators are mostly in chemistry, agriculture and metallurgy that are the leading industries in Kazakhstan.
25 февраля 2013
Head of Kazakhstan Statistics Agency Alikhan Smailov. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Statistics Agency explains jewelry and fur coats in consumer price index Presence of gold and silver jewelry, fur coats and gyms in the index raised eyebrows of many members of the Kazakhstan Parliament.
07 февраля 2013
Seoul's working population to fall 1 mn by 2032 South Korea's capital stands to lose one million people of working age over the next 20 years -- a fallout from the country's status as one of the world's most rapidly ageing societies.
29 ноября 2012
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan citizens drink most alcohol in Central Asia Kazakhstan is Number One in Central Asia by alcohol abuse.
12 ноября 2012 stock photo Over 210 thousand crimes registered in 9 months of 2012 in Kazakhstan An increase was registered in such crimes as theft, fraud, robbery and hooliganism: Kazakhstan General Prosecutor’s office.
19 октября 2012
French stats institute warns of period of no growth The French economy appears to be settling into a period of no growth according to the INSEE national statistics institute, which halved late Thursday its 2012 growth forecast to 0.2 percent.
05 октября 2012

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