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A baby is born every 113 seconds in Kazakhstan 24 января 2015, 00:42

One person is born every 113 seconds and one person dies each 200 seconds in Kazakhstan.
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Illustration. ©Tengrinews.kz Illustration. ©Tengrinews.kz

One person is born every 113 seconds and one person dies each 200 seconds in Kazakhstan. This statistics is published at country meters.info. The website presents the real time data about the population of every country and monitors changes in every nation's demographic trends, Tengrinews reports. 

Tengrinews tried to compare the demographic pattern of Kazakhstan and its two largest neighbors China and Russia. The data is changing every second and the data presented in the article was taken between 7-8 pm (Astana time).

As of January 22, the population of Kazakshtan was estimated at 16,997,741. It is almost equal to the number of births in China during 2014, which was 16,764,455. There are 1,371,209, 916 people living in China, whereas Russia’s population stands at 145,756,815.

On average, in Kazakhstan 766 children are born and 432 people die per day. In other words, one child is born every 113 seconds and one person dies every 200 seconds. 

In Russia, for instance, women give birth to 5,200 children a day, while 5,133 people die. That is, one child is born every 17 seconds and one person dies every 17 seconds.

Of course, these numbers are not even close to what they are in China, where 45,480 people are born every day, while 26,015 people die per day. This is equivalent to one child being born every 2 seconds and one person dying every 3 seconds.

As for the sex ratio, there are more females in Kazakhstan, who account for 52 percent, than males, who make 48 percent of Kazakhstan's population. The sex ratio of Kazakhstan's population is similar to that of Russia, where 46.3 percent of the population are males, and 53.7 percent are females. However, this pattern is different for China that has more men (51.9 percent) than women (48.1 percent).

The population growth rate of Kazakhstan in 2014 was estimated at 0.4 percent, which turned out to be the same for China.

As for Russia, its population growth rate made 0.07 percent and according to the data, the annexation of Crimea significantly contributed to it. In fact, there is still no official census data on Crimea, however, the website estimated its population to stand at 1,977,000 as of January 1, 2015. The official data will be published on April 30,2015. 

More information on Kazakhstan is available here.

By Assel Satubaldina

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