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Photo courtesy of 500 thousand citizens unemployed in Kazakhstan The number of unemployed Kazakhstan citizens made 500.2 thousand people in February 2012 and the unemployment level made 5.5 percent.
15 марта 2012
©REUTERS/Jianan Yu 106 boys per every 100 girls were born in Kazakhstan in 2011 106 boys per every 100 girls were born in Kazakhstan in 2011, Alikhan Smailov, head of the Statistics Agency said.
24 февраля 2012
Illustration by Kazakh content in public procurement dropped The share of local content has decreased in public procurement contracts: Ministry of Industry.
15 февраля 2012
Alliance rings. Photo courtesy of Oldest Kazakhstan bride was 90-y.o. in 2011 The oldest bride who registered her marriage in Kazakhstan in 2011 was 90-y.o. and the oldest groom was 86-y. o.
13 февраля 2012
©Reuters Pilots and oil workers are the most well-paid in Kazakhstan Executive managers of oil and gas industry had the highest wage of 1212 million tenge ($8.2 million) in 2011.
02 февраля 2012
Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Number of registered cars halved in Kazakhstan The number of registered cars in Kazakhstan decreased by 50 percent compared to November 2010.
19 января 2012
©RIA Novosti Number of internet users increases 20% in Kazakhstan The number of internet users has increased 20 percent in 2011 in Kazakhstan.
19 января 2012 stock photo AIDS rate dropped 10% in Kazakhstan in 2011 AIDS rate dropped almost by 10% in Kazakhstan in 2011.
13 января 2012
©REUTERS Over 600 Kazakhstan citizens are imprisoned abroad Over 600 Kazakhstan citizens are serving sentences in foreign prisons: Statistics.
30 декабря 2011 stock photo Crime rate went 40 percent up in Kazakhstan Over 159 thousand crimes were registered in Kazakhstan in January-October 2011, which is 41.4 percent more than in the same period of 2010.
15 декабря 2011
Photo courtesy of Gender inequality is lowering in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan was placed 56th in the recent Gender Inequality Index ranking compared to 67th rank in 2008.
21 ноября 2011
©REUTERS Kazakhstan sees crime surge by one third in 2011 Crime rate in Kazakhstan went 38.3 percent during the period from January to September 2011.
14 ноября 2011
©RIA Novosti Over 3 thousand drug addicted children registered in Kazakhstan 49,984 people are registered as drug addicts including 4,595 women and 3,071 children.
26 октября 2011
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan announces Jan – Aug gas and crude oil production output Earlier reported that Kazakhstan plans to boost oil production to 102 million tons by 2016.
14 сентября 2011
Petrol output dropped 14 percent in Kazakhstan Petrol production made 1.7 million tons in January-August 2011 in Kazakhstan.
13 сентября 2011
©REUTERS Average wages in Kazakhstan are over 92 thousand tenge Average nominal monthly wages in Kazakhstan in July 2011 grew 13 percent compared to the previous month.
12 сентября 2011
Foreign trade turnover Jan –Apr 41% up Foreign trade turnover for the period made up $36.5 billion: Agency for Statistics.
14 июня 2011
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan wages eight times higher than in Tajikistan Mojazarplata website released a comparison of average wages in the former Soviet countries.
25 мая 2011
Kazakhstan is spam-leader in Central Asia Kazakhstan is still the leader among Central Asian countries by the amount of generated spam, according to Kaspersky Laboratory's March report.
27 апреля 2011

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