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© RT Space-bound Russian android shows handyman skills Android robot FEDOR, likely to be part of Russian manned space missions starting 2021, has displayed impressive handyman skills.
20 ноября 2016
Robot home-help and virtual reality at Taiwan's Computex A knee-high robot designed to help around the house ended up serenading Taiwan's president as Asia's largest tech trade show kicked off Tuesday in Taipei.
31 мая 2016
When technology bites back From the 1912 sinking of RMS Titanic to the Chernobyl nuclear accident 30 years ago, technology has repeatedly confounded its creators.
27 апреля 2016
World's first 'robot run' farm to open in Japan A Japanese firm said Monday it would open the world's first fully automated farm with robots handling almost every step of the process.
01 февраля 2016
©Robo Technologies, Inc Kazakh engineer builds revolutionary LEGO-like toy robot Kazakh engineer Rustem Akishbekov has built a revolutionary toy-robot and plans to win over LEGO’s customers.
30 сентября 2015
A screenshot a courtesy of Kazakh TV Robot attends school in Kazakhstan In Karaganda, Kazakhstan there is a robot that attends classes instead of a disabled pupil.
18 сентября 2015
Japan robot receptionist welcomes shoppers She can smile, she can sing and this robot receptionist who started work in Tokyo never gets bored of welcoming customers to her upmarket shop.
20 апреля 2015
Robot for off-road maneuvering. Photo © Dmitry Khegai Almaty students develop robot to find radiation source in mines Students from Almaty have assembled a robot that can identify sources of radiation and harmful gases.
08 декабря 2014
©REUTERS Kazakhstan startup seeks investor support in London A robotics educational startup founded by Kazakhstanis in London aims to attract investment for production of children's robo-sets.
03 декабря 2014
Coffee with Pepper? Robot sells espresso machines in Japan The Hollywood heart-throb has been joined by Pepper, a cheeky and chatty android, which its makers claim can answer customers' questions, to promote its Nescafe marque.
02 декабря 2014
Ratmir Sartbayev and Bek Talgat at the World Robot Olympiad. Photo courtesy of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools autonomous organization for education Kazakh students awarded at World Robot Olympiad Two Kazakh students have been awarded at the World Robot Olympiad for their robot prototype.
01 декабря 2014
Dancing, talking robots show off at Madrid congress Hundreds of robotics experts and their whirring, flashing robot creations gathered in Madrid for a top world congress on humanoid technology.
20 ноября 2014
Comet probe uploads last-minute data from 'alien world' Robot probe Philae uploaded a slew of data to Earth from a deep-space comet that it drilled into long after its onboard battery was feared to have died.
15 ноября 2014
Kazakhstani robot New Kazakh robot to help the visually impaired Kazakhstan laboratory has built a prototype of a robot with a system of speech recognition and synthesis.
29 сентября 2014
Robots do battle over Mars exploration Robots built to traverse the rugged terrain of Mars battled it out in Poland in a competition to find the best way to explore the Red Planet.
06 сентября 2014
Robo-cook: android restaurant boots up in China A restaurant in China is electrifying customers by using more than a dozen robots to cook and deliver food.
14 августа 2014
NASA rover breaks out-of-this-world distance record The US space agency's Opportunity rover has now clocked more miles on Mars than any man-made vehicle to reach another celestial body, NASA said.
29 июля 2014
Japan robot firm showcases thought-controlled suits A Japanese robot-maker on Wednesday showed off suits that the wearer can control just by thinking, as it said it was linking up with an industrial city promoting innovation.
18 июня 2014
Japan's Hitachi unveils joking robot Japanese scientists unveiled a robot with a sense of humour Tuesday, and claimed it was capable of knowing when its jokes had fallen flat.
20 мая 2014
Pentagon scientists show off life-size robot US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel got a first-hand look at a life-size robot Tuesday that resembles Hollywood's "Terminator," the latest experiment by the Pentagon's hi-tech researchers.
23 апреля 2014

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