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Australia PM urged to quit after 'Brexiting' himself Australia's opposition urged Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to resign, calling him the 'David Cameron of the southern hemisphere'.
04 июля 2016
Emomali Rakhmon. ©RIA Novosti Tajikistan to hold key referendum in May Tajikistan is to hold a referendum in May that is expected to let President Emomali Rakhmon stay in office.
10 февраля 2016
Croatian parties in tough talks to form government Croatia's political parties faced tough negotiations to cobble together a government after the conservative opposition won a narrow election victory.
09 ноября 2015
Polish conservatives win boosts eurosceptics camp The resounding victory of Poland's conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party in general election has given a boost to European eurosceptics.
28 октября 2015
UK's Cameron opens Conservative succession race British Prime Minister David Cameron fired the starting pistol in the race to replace him as leader of the Conservatives, outlining his programme in the time he has left.
08 октября 2015
Pro-Kremlin party suffers rare defeat in local election Russian President Vladimir Putin's ruling party suffered a rare election defeat when its candidate for governor of the Irkutsk region of Siberia lost to a Communist candidate.
28 сентября 2015
Tsipras marginally ahead in knife-edge Greek vote: exit poll Former Greek left-wing leader Alexis Tsipras has a slight lead over his conservative rivals in the country's cliffhanger vote.
21 сентября 2015
To kneel or not to kneel: UK's Corbyn faces royal dilemma The Labour Party's new leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing a new dilemma in his rocky first days in the job -- whether or not to kneel before Queen Elizabeth II.
18 сентября 2015
New Australian PM gets poll bounce New Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has boosted his Liberal Party's standing in the opinion polls just days after ousting Tony Abbott.
17 сентября 2015
Australian PM Abbott faces leadership challenge High-profile Australian minister Malcolm Turnbull challenged Prime Minister Tony Abbott for the leadership of the Liberal Party.
14 сентября 2015
A voter at Polling Station No.112 in Gudermes on Unified Election Day. ©RIA Novosti Russia votes in local polls as opposition claims mass fraud As Russians voted in local elections set to confirm the ruling party's dominance, the opposition reported mass vote rigging and police stormed the office of independent vote monitors.
14 сентября 2015
Japanese PM re-elected party leader, despite waning popularity Japanese premier Shinzo Abe was on Tuesday re-elected head of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, despite falling popularity over efforts to expand the military's role and a stuttering economy.
08 сентября 2015
France's Le Pen booted out of his far-right party Jean-Marie Le Pen, France's elderly, far-right master provocateur, was booted out of the National Front (FN) he founded after a high-profile feud with his daughter and party leader Marine.
21 августа 2015
New Akim of Almaty Baurzhan Baibek. Photo courtesy of Almaty gets new Mayor from Nur Otan Baurzhan Baibek has been appointed the new Akim (Mayor) of Almaty. Former Almaty Mayor Akhtemzhan Yessimov was appointed to lead the Astana EXPO-2017 steering company.
09 августа 2015
Line-up of UK Labour leadership race announced Four candidates have registered to lead Britain's opposition Labour Party after its former chief Ed Miliband resigned in the wake of a devastating election defeat last month.
16 июня 2015
Turkey ruling party set to lose parliament majority: results Turkey's Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party is on course to win general election but with a reduced share of the vote and is set to lose its parliamentary majority.
08 июня 2015
France's Jean-Marie Le Pen to found own 'grouping' after FN suspension Jean-Marie Le Pen announced he would create his own "grouping" after being suspended from the party for remarks downplaying the Holocaust.
12 мая 2015
Jean-Marie Le Pen, France's far-right master provocateur Jean-Marie Le Pen, a former paratrooper whose inflammatory speeches has made him the figurehead of France's far right, , has not once veered away from the role he loves best -- master provocateur.
05 мая 2015
Russia removes Navalny-led opposition party from approved list Russia has withdrawn the opposition Progress Party led by arch Putin foe Alexei Navalny from the list of authorised parties.
29 апреля 2015
Kazakhstan's Social Democratic Party Auyl. ©Aidana Usupova Two more Kazakhstani parties support Nazarbayev's candidacy in presidential elections Two Kazakhstan parties – Party of Patriots and Social Democratic Party Auyl - have supported the candidacy of the incumbent president Nursultan Nazarbayev in the coming presidential elections.
15 марта 2015

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