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17.07.2011 11:26 Kazakhstan
Famous French actress Juliette Binoche will come to Almaty for the 7th International Film Festival Eurasia.
08.07.2011 18:04 Entertainment, Style
An unusual campaign will be held in Almaty for everyone willing to watch a new comedy Bad Teacher.
04.07.2011 14:42 Cinema, Music
Steven Seagal told journalists about the idea to shoot a movie about the great commander and play the main part in it.
04.07.2011 13:45 Cinema, Music
Almaty auditor gets to top script contest award as part of the Second ASTANA International Action Film Festival in Astana.
30.06.2011 15:40 Entertainment, Style
Expedition of Kazakhstan film-maker Rusten Abdrashov along the path of Genghis Khan - from Almaty to Karakorum - started on June 29 in Almaty.
17.06.2011 11:58 Cinema, Music
Shooting of Reverse Side 2: Hunting the Phantom, a movie by Marina Kunarova, started in Almaty.
31.05.2011 18:01 Cinema, Music
The film festival called Kazakhstan: Montage of Cinemas will be held in Los Angeles on June 10-26.
12.05.2011 18:14 Cinema, Music
The world premiere of After the Apocalypse, a movie about people who suffered from Semipalatinsk nuclear polygon, was held in London.
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