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Kazakh director Sanzhar Sultanov producers Canadian film

Sanzhar Sultanov ©Yaroslav Radlovsky Sanzhar Sultanov ©Yaroslav Radlovsky

A 26-year-old Kazakhstan-born director and screenwriter Sanzhar Sultanov will be producing The Death and Life of Martin Quick directed by Canadian Nick Wernham, whose debut film No Stranger Than Love closed the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 30, Tengrinews reports.

Brillstein, Innis Lake Entertainment and Sanzhar Sultanov's Know Rules Media will be producing the movie. 

Shooting of The Death and Life of Martin Quick will begin this fall in Toronto. The casting for main and supporting roles has already started.  

The plot written by director’s father Richard Wernham tells a story of a much-hated film director, who dies and then ends up in the afterlife. But when he learns than there is still some life left in his earthly body, he is trying hard to find a loophole to bring himself back to life, but to do this he has first to overcome the bureaucratic nightmare of the afterlife. “Our film is a funny British style comedy that tells a story of an infamous director and his accidental trip to the bureaucratic afterlife,” Sanzhar Sultanov told Tengrinews.

Sanzhar Sultanov's first feature film, which he produced and directed, was 1920's crime drama based on Jack London's stories Burning Daylight released in 2010 and starring Robert Knepper and Calderon in a supporting role. In 2013, Know Rules Media produced a dramatic thriller of Kazakhstan film director Akan Satayev Hacker.

Reporting by Aizhan Tugelbayeva, writing by Assel Satubalidina