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30.12.2014 13:06 Cinema, Music
Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" and Disney's animated fantasy hit "Frozen" were the two most pirated films of 2014.
23.08.2014 15:08 Emergencies
A Libyan coastguard official said a boat carrying 200 illegal migrants from sub-Saharan Africa was feared lost at sea off the capital Tripoli.
21.08.2014 15:08 Cinema, Music
Colombian pop star Shakira's 2010 hit song "Loca" is an illegal copy of a tune written by a Dominican musician in 1998.
09.08.2014 09:55 Companies
Google has agreed in a court settlement to spend at least $250 million to help fight illegal online pharmacies selling to US customers.
28.07.2014 20:14 Health
Every second Kazakhstani takes medicine without doctor’s prescription.
26.07.2014 13:27 Politics
A former premier of Spain's Catalonia region and one of its biggest political powerbrokers said Friday his family kept undeclared money abroad for over 30 years and apologised for the "mistake".
17.07.2014 13:26 Politics
Honduras called for international efforts to fight organized crime to deter minors from leaving Central America to illegally enter the United States, where rights officials warned youths can face abuse.
15.07.2014 10:22 Companies
Samsung said Monday it had temporarily suspended business with one of its suppliers in China after finding "evidence" of possible illegal child labour at the plant.
12.07.2014 15:09 Crime
The body of a 15-year-old who died while trying to migrate illegally into the United States was repatriated to Guatemala Friday, amid a raging US debate over how to stem a flood of similar cases.
07.07.2014 11:16 Laws, Initiatives
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has endorsed a law on ratification of the agreement on security cooperation at the Caspian Sea.
02.07.2014 11:05 Politics
France's former president Nicolas Sarkozy has been charged with corruption and influence peddling, French prosecutors said Wednesday, a dramatic move in a criminal probe that could wreck his hopes of a political comeback.
23.06.2014 15:17 Strange News
Eight suspected illegal gold miners were found shot dead at a disused mine near Johannesburg at the weekend, police said.
23.06.2014 12:07 Crime
Around a tonne of heroin has been discovered in a warehouse near Athens and 14 people, most of them members of tanker crew, have been arrested, Greek port police said.
18.06.2014 20:33 Environment
The United States joined forces with other nations Tuesday to declare a vast swath of the Pacific Ocean a marine sanctuary and take "historic" steps to combat illegal fishing.
12.06.2014 12:19 Crime
Four people were killed while trying to leave Cuba illegally by sea and six suspects have been arrested, authorities said.
05.06.2014 14:49 Strange News
Canada's attorney general unveiled a law Wednesday that makes it legal to sell sex to individuals but illegal to buy it, after the high court struck down an anti-prostitution law.
27.04.2014 13:45 Laws, Initiatives
Information on cadaveric donors in Kazakhstan will be confidential.
23.03.2014 19:06 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan composer Arslanbek Sultanbekov has accused the Turkish ruling party of breaching his copyright.
13.03.2014 15:27 Markets
Increase of the Kazakhstan excise tax on cigarettes has triggered an increase in illegal traffic from Kyrgyzstan in 2013.
20.02.2014 13:48 Religion
An illegal religious organization of the Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists was discovered by Kazakhstan authorities in Aktobe.
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