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24.10.2015 13:55 Disasters
Record-breaking Hurricane Patricia rumbled across western Mexico, uprooting trees and triggering some landslides but causing less damage than feared so far for such a massive storm.
22.08.2015 13:05 Environment
Hurricane Danny strengthened into a major category 3 storm as it churned in the central Atlantic but forecasters expect it to weaken.
09.07.2015 14:42 Emergencies
A hurricane blasted through Pavlodar Oblast in northeastern Kazakhstan.
07.07.2015 18:43 Emergencies
A powerful hurricane in Ekibazstuz has torn off a roof of a five-storey building and knocked down dozens of trees.
03.11.2014 14:22 Disasters
A powerful storm in the eastern Pacific strengthened to hurricane status, but it remains far away from land, US forecasters said.
28.10.2014 20:00 Environment
A hurricane has stopped and turned backwards a waterfall in Great Britain.
18.10.2014 12:35 Disasters
Hurricane Gonzalo struck Bermuda Friday as a strong category two storm, the US National Hurricane Center said.
17.10.2014 11:46 Disasters
Hurricane Gonzalo gained strength in the Atlantic as it barreled toward Bermuda, which was bracing for a hit from the powerful Category Four storm.
16.10.2014 10:57 Disasters
Hurricane Gonzalo churned in the Atlantic, bringing intense winds and threatening to deluge the Bahamas, US forecasters said.
15.10.2014 15:23 Crime
Gonzalo strengthened to a "major hurricane" over the open Atlantic and was expected to continue gaining force, forecasters said.
05.10.2014 15:27 Disasters
Simon grew into a powerful category four hurricane as it swirled off Mexico's Pacific coast, threatening resorts barely recovering from a recent storm.
04.10.2014 13:37 Disasters
Simon strengthened to become the 13th named hurricane of the 2014 eastern North Pacific hurricane season as it swirled off the Mexican coast.
27.08.2014 10:29 Disasters
A strengthening Hurricane Cristobal had Bermuda in its sights, US meteorologists said, warning of heavy rain, high winds.
08.08.2014 14:42 Environment
Tourists and locals braced for double trouble in Hawaii on Thursday as a rare pair of hurricanes took aim at the holiday paradise.
04.07.2014 10:47 Emergencies
Hurricane Arthur made landfall on the North Carolina shore late Thursday, as millions of Americans braced for its impact along the East Coast on the eve of the Independence Day holiday.
14.05.2014 01:59 Disasters
A state of emergency was declared in the city of Shymkent on the eve of May 12. The hurricane damaged roofs, power lines, street lights, traffic lights all across the city.
14.02.2014 10:15 Disasters
Hurricane-force winds from an Atlantic storm left tens of thousands of Britons without power Thursday and one man dead, adding to widespread misery after devastating floods caused by the wettest winter in 250 years.
31.10.2013 20:21 Disasters
St Jude hurricane that fiercely stormed Europe is expected to reach the northern regions of Kazakhstan tomorrow.
27.10.2013 12:00 Finance
A year after Hurricane Sandy, the United States still faces an enormous task to repair $60 billion worth of damage and improve resiliency before the next cyclone.
22.10.2013 10:34 Disasters
Tropical storm Raymond surged to hurricane force Sunday churning toward Mexico's Pacific coast, which is still recovering from a devastating tropical storm last month.
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