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04.05.2016 14:47 Disasters
The 100,000 residents of the Canadian city of Fort McMurray were ordered to leave town as a monster wildfire swept through the region.
25.01.2016 16:53 Emergencies
A man has been killed in an explosion of a petrol truck in Atyrau in Kazakhstan's west.
11.11.2015 17:47 Disasters
Four more people have died of injuries sustained in a devastating nightclub blaze in Romania, taking the toll in the inferno that brought down the government to 50.
02.11.2015 11:11 Disasters
Thousands of people marched in central Bucharest to honour the victims of a weekend disco fire as the death toll from the tragedy climbed to 30.
06.10.2015 13:16 Environment
A warming climate could lead to a spike in wildfires, according to a study that researched the history of brush blazes in the Rocky Mountains.
22.09.2015 15:13 Disasters
More than 1,500 homes have been destroyed in two immense fires that have torn through California over the last week, causing millions of dollars in damage.
16.09.2015 15:13 Disasters
Wildfires sweeping through California are threatening an ancient grove of giant Sequoia trees considered a national treasure.
04.09.2015 14:55 Environment
Raging wildfires have turned the shores of the world's largest freshwater lake in Siberia into an inferno, threatening the health and livelihood of locals.
25.08.2015 12:23 Disasters
A group of wildfires blazing in the western US state of Washington have become the largest in the state's history, and 2015 has become the state's worst fire year on record.
24.08.2015 14:47 Emergencies
A huge blaze broke out Monday at steel plant near Tokyo's Haneda airport as television images showed plumes of thick black smoke and flames shooting up into the air.
22.08.2015 15:03 Disasters
President Barack Obama declared an emergency for wildfire-ravaged Washington state, as Australia and New Zealand sent firefighters to help US crews.
14.08.2015 17:37 Emergencies
Fire has broken out in Passage shopping mall located at the crossing of Kunayev and Zhibek Zholy streets of Almaty city on August 10.
05.08.2015 20:23 Emergencies
20 train wagons have run off the track in Aktobe Oblast, western Kazakhstan. 6 wagons caught fire.
28.07.2015 12:38 Emergencies
French officials evacuated 10,000 people from three different campsites as hot winds fanned fires in drought-hit Provence in the middle of the summer holiday season
16.07.2015 11:48 Crime
France has foiled a plan to attack the country's military, the interior minister said, as a source close to the investigation said the suspects had been planning a beheading.
28.06.2015 21:02 Emergencies
A big fire claims a cafe in Petropavlovsk, spreads to the neighboring apartment house and leaves dozens of people homeless.
10.06.2015 12:32 Disasters
Hundreds of Ukrainian firefighters battled to keep a blaze sparked by a deadly string of fuel depot blasts from engulfing a strategic military unit outside Kiev.
01.05.2015 02:04 Emergencies
One of Almaty’s largest shopping malls Adem has been destroyed in fire.
08.04.2015 15:03 Emergencies
Russian emergency crews late Tuesday doused the fire on a nuclear submarine which had been undergoing repairs in dry dock.
20.02.2015 21:21 Emergencies
A fire has engulfed the roof of a church under reconstruction in Almaty.
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