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Russia 'warming 2.5 times quicker' than global average: ministry Russia is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the world, sounding an alarm on the rise in floods and wildfires nationwide.
25 декабря 2015
©REUTERS 'Chemical attack' descends upon Atyrau Excess hydrogen sulfide emissions in Atyrau in western Kazakhstan cause headaches and suffocation among residents.
06 августа 2015
World greenhouse emissions threaten warming goal: report Emissions of greenhouse gases are rising so fast that within one generation the world will have used up its margin of safety for limiting global warming.
22 сентября 2014
Photo courtesy of Russian Troitskaya power plant fined by Kazakh environmentalists Russian Troitskaya GRES power plant has been fined $35 thousand by Kazakhstani environmentalists.
05 августа 2014
 © Semey residents suffer from smoking boiler house Residents of one of the regions of Semey city are stifled with smoke issuing from a boiler house.
06 марта 2014
Kashagan Oil Field. Photo ©REUTERS Kashagan consortium to face emissions penalty The international consortium developing in the giant Kashagan oil field in Kazakhstan will be subject to emissions penalties.
17 января 2014
Kashagan oil field. ©Reuters No pollution discovered at Kashagan No pollution has been found around the Kashagan oil field in Kazakhstan.
22 ноября 2013
© Kazakhstan energy experts call GHG emission quotas populism Urazalinov believes that these plans are a threat to Kazakhstan coal-fueled energy and that their implementation is likely to undermine achievement of the goals that the Kazakhstan economy is supposed to reach before 2030.
31 октября 2013
©Reuters Kazakhstan No.1 in Central Asia and in world's Top 10 by greenhouse gas emisions Greenhouse gas emissions have brought Kazakhstan to the 1st place among Central Asian countries.
22 октября 2013
©Reuters/Bazuki Muhammad First-ever global deal struck on airline CO2 emissions A first-ever global deal on curbing the airline industry's rising carbon emissions was agreed Friday.
05 октября 2013
©REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha Science points to a new global warming source: the sea Oceans that grow more acidic through Man's fossil fuel burning emissions, can amplify global warming by releasing less of a gas that helps shield Earth from radiation.
26 августа 2013
©REUTERS Introduction of Euro-4 in Kazakhstan was timely: Transport Ministry Euro-4 cars filled with Euro-2 petrol will still improve the ecological situation in Kazakhstan: official.
20 августа 2013
©REUTERS/Lucas Jackson Volvo trucks reports profit drop but sees sales pick up Swedish heavy truck and construction equipment maker Volvo reported that profits plunged in the second quarter.
24 июля 2013
Illustration by Kazakhstan and U.S. agree to cooperate in reduction of emissions A memorandum of understanding on cooperation in expansion of capacities for development of an emissions reduction strategy has been signed between Kazakhstan Ministry of Environmental protection and the U.S. Government.
27 июня 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan mulls postponing penalties for greenhouse gas emissions Kazakhstan Environmental Protection Ministry is suggesting to postpone and lower the fines for exceeding greenhouse gas emission quotas.
12 июня 2013
China 'will not accept' carbon tax on EU flights: report China will not pay for CO2 emissions by its airlines on flights within Europe, a top civil aviation official reportedly said after the European Commission warned eight Chinese firms face fines for nonpayment.
19 мая 2013
Snapshot of the video Toxic emission captured on video in Tengiz The video shows an emission of untreated sulfur dioxide at TengizChevrOil plant at Atyrau field in Kazakhstan.
30 апреля 2013
©REUTERS EU lawmakers face close vote on pollution credit freeze Controversial plans to revive the EU's faltering carbon cap-and-trade system so as to cut greenhouse gas emissions face a tough test in the European Parliament.
16 апреля 2013
Pavlodar oil refinery. ©RIA Novosti One ton of industrial wastes per resident in Pavlodar oblast Last year pollutant discharge from the regional industrial companies in Pavlodar oblast of Kazakhstan made 675 thousand tons.
05 марта 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan cities to cut greenhouse gas emissions 20 percent Kazakhstan signed an agreement with the EU Association of Energy Efficient Cities to expand international cooperation in energy-saving and improvement of energy efficiency.
27 февраля 2013

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